Highball Cocktails at BAC Bar in Damansara Heights


I’m not a person that’s really inclined towards cocktails – give me a good single malt or cognac on the rocks, or a fresh Guinness draught or lager and I’m happy. However, the prospect of not trying one of the hottest speakeasy bars in Damansara Heights was just too enticing to pass up hence Denise and I decided to pay a visit one weekday evening!

BAC stands for whatever you want it to stand for – Before any Covid, Beef and Cocktails, Blood Alcohol Content. It’s a venue that seeks to transport guests to an era when pure enjoyment and drinking were the norm. Simple highballs, fine spirits, and mixers to maintain your blood alcohol level at whatever you deem to be the optimum level. BAC wants to take customers back to the good old days of quality time with friends built on conversations that you might or might not remember the next day…

At BAC, the emphasis is on highballs, spirits, and tonics as the most effective and delectable ways to maintain your BAC at the ideal party level. Ask for a WMD from the company’s chief BACtender, Mattman, and he will gladly prescribe you a dose of “What Mattman drinks.” The goal of BAC is for customers to enjoy the beverages as much as they could (Ed – always remember to enjoy responsibly and to never drink and drive), whether that be with the iconic BAC to Black or the classic house whisky highball.

BAC’s menu is divided into three sections: pre-drinks, during-drinks, and to soak up-drinks food. Cincalok fried chicken, vegetarian-friendly “Carrot Steak” with Tahini, and Wagyu beef fat grilled rice patties are just a few of the dishes on the BAC food menu that will keep you going until you can enjoy your next drink. Additionally, BAC asserts that it serves Kuala Lumpur’s best Palomas.

BAC is located at: 73-1, Jalan Setia Bakti, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone: 010-2870731

Thanks for having us over!

Photos were shot with the Vivo X70 Pro.


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