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Martell Releases its Second Dame-Jeanne Collection

At Maison Martell, patience is the name of the game as the rarest and most precious eaux-de-vie lie ageing within its cellars for decades at a time, in fine-grained oak barrels that protect the delicacy of their aromas.

When the cellar master judges these to have reached their aromatic maturity, they are transferred to Dame-Jeannes which preserve their qualities intact over time. Among these highly exclusive eaux-de-vie, a very select few were chosen for release as part of the exceptional Martell Dame-Jeanne Collection.

In December 2021, Martell released its second Dame-Jeanne Collection. Unusually, this time around the collection is enriched with four new offerings carefully selected by Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud.

The first eau-de-vie is a 1952 vintage from the prestigious Grande Champagne region, so precious the cellar master has selected to release only one Dame-Jeanne. Its strong character is expressed in notes of leather, fresh tobacco leaves, red and black fruit, and delicate wax.

The second is a 1959 vintage, also from Grande Champagne, a delicate eau-de-vie notable for its finesse and elegance. This is distinguished by notes of natural leather patina, ripe dried fruit, and liquorice.

A 1968 vintage from the same terroir offers infinite sweetness, delicacy and freshness. This is a perfectly balanced eau-de-vie characterised by notes of herbal tea, subtle mint, delicate wood, citrus fruit, and fleshy fruit.

Lastly, a 1972 vintage that combines three eaux-de-vie from separate terroirs, those of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. The blend has wonderful aromatic richness and aromatic complexity developed over 50 years, with notes of honey and spices, red and black fruits, dried, candied fruit, and wood.

Befitting such a prestigious collection, each Dame-Jeanne is itself a unique tribute to savoir-faire, handcrafted by a collaboration of three French artisans.

The wicker dressing has been redesigned in 2021, distinguishing it from Martell’s first Dame-Jeanne Collection released in December 2020.

The Dame-Jeanne Collection is available on special order.

Visual credits: Martell


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