Dictator Rums and Gins Now Available in Malaysia Distributed Exclusively by Single Malt Sdn. Bhd.

Single Malt Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s premier spirits and liquor retailer and distributor, introduces Malaysian rum and gin aficionados to a range of products from Colombia-based distillers Dictador. Established in 2000, Single Malt Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s more trusted and credible retailers, importers, and distributors of fine spirits, specialising in exclusive selections of whiskies, rums, gins and other spirits for the local market.

Dictador has over 100 years of production at the Destilería Colombiana in Cartagena, Colombia, which has a tropical climate that yields an ultra-high grade sugar cane. It is this fine balance of weather and land which enables Dictador to produce an exceptional range of quality rums and gins; celebrating the quintessential Colombian spirit.

Based in Cartagena, Dictador is a rum producer that started in 1913 as Destilería Colombiana. It was founded by a descendent of Severo Arango y Ferro -nicknamed ‘El Dictador’ — a Spanish official who took to liking rums when he visited the coastal town of Cartagena during the 1700s.

“We are excited to bring Dictador’s products to the Malaysian market, who we think will really love the uniqueness of these Colombian rums that are rich with toffee and coffee notes, as well as the curious offerings of Colombian gins that are aged in ex-rum barrels.”

Shareen Yew, Single Malt’s founder and director

What sets Dictador’s rums apart from most rum producers is its use of fermented sugar cane honey (sugar cane juice that has been partially evaporated) as a base ingredient, as opposed to the more commonly used molasses. Also, Dictador’s rums have no added sugar, ensuring that the sweetness and smoothness of the rums are purely the product of quality rum-making processes.

The four Dictador rums that are available in Malaysia are the core range offerings of 12 Years and 20 Years Old rum, as well as the XO-range of XO Insolent and XO Perpetual rums. The XO rums were made using Dictador’s finer stocks that are aged between 25-35 years in ex-bourbon barrels to create the XO Perpetual, or oak barrels from Jerez and Port to create the XO Insolent.

Aside from making quality rums, Dictador also makes its own premium gins: Ortodoxy Gin and Treasure Gin, which are both aged in ex-rum barrels.

The Colombian Ortodoxy Gin is based on the formula of Dario Parra, former president of Dictador and lover of gin, who used berries, botanicals, peels, roots and spices to give the gin a unique taste profile. For years, the Ortodoxy was produced for his own personal consumption, never dreaming that his invention would one day become an internationally sold gin, until now.

The Colombian Treasure Gin, on the other hand, was guided by the flavours of the Colombian fruit limon mandarino (tangerine-lemon), which blends the exotic sweet taste of the tangerine and the acidity of lemon. Made using a mix of berries, botanicals, spices and citrus peels, the Treasure Gin is something that is uniquely Colombian.

Dictador’s line-up is available online at singleandavailable.com.my and at all reputable liquor retailers in Malaysia. From 27 August until 16 September 2021, you can purchase Dictador rums and gins at 15% off the retail price with the one-time-use code “DICTADOR” exclusively on singleandavailable.com.my

Recommended Retail Prices

  • Dictador 12 Years Old Rum: MYR 252
  • Dictador 20 Years Old Rum: MYR 341
  • Dictador XO Perpetual Rum: MYR 507
  • Dictador XO Insolent Rum: MYR 507
  • Dictador Colombian Ortodoxy Gin: MYR 216
  • Dictador Colombian Treasure Gin: MYR 247

Single and Available also has a retail outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Photo credits: Single & Available


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