Getting My AstraZeneca Vaccine in Malaysia

[Covid-19 Special Feature]

Updated on 9 May 2021, 15 May 2021, and 24 May

I went to University Malaya this morning to get my first dose of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. I registered for it last Sunday and managed to get my preferred day, which turned out to be the first day of the Movement Control Order 3.0 in Selangor. As a result, traffic was pretty light and I was able to get to University Malaya (from somewhere near Kota Damansara) without encountering any jam.

I entered University Malaya from the Petaling Jaya entrance (enter from Jalan Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz) and followed the many roadsigns to the vaccination centre which was Dewan 1, Bangunan Peperiksaan University Malaya.

I intentionally did not use Waze as I wanted to see if the road signs were adequate and clear enough to get those who registered to be vaccinated to the Special Vaccination Centre (PPV) in University Malaya. No problems there even if you’re coming from the Kuala Lumpur entrance.

Now on to my experience.

The Special Vaccination Centre (PPV) was located in Dewan 1, Bangunan Peperiksaan University Malaya
There’s ample parking space just 50 meters away from Dewan 1. As the process is relatively fast, I noticed that there were always available parking lots at any one time.
Scan the QR code on your MySejahtera App before entering. There are many staff on duty who will guide you through the ENTIRE process! There were Malay and non-Malay staff on duty, and I was actually very astonished and impressed by their efficiency, politeness and professional attitude which made the whole process very seamless and painless! Hats off to the awesome KKM staff and frontliners (police, RELA, etc. etc.) who fully deserve to be called national heroes!
My appointment was scheduled for 9.30am but I arrived early and was allowed into the waiting area at 9.10am
In the waiting area waiting for my turn to be registered. There were 10 registration counters so this didn’t take too long. Remember to bring along your NRIC or passport with you so that the officers can verify your identity. Ensure that you also have your MySejahtera app on standby to expedite the process. If (for some reason) you don’t have mobile data, you can use the free WiFi there. Here you will receive two (2) consent forms which you need to fill during your consultation (in the next section).
Next up was the consultation area where a doctor will access your health and condition before determining if you’re eligible to receive the vaccine. As there were 20 doctors in this section, I barely sat down for a minute before I was ushered to my consultation with a doctor. The doctor was very friendly and guided me to fill up the two (2) consent forms. Bring along your own pen if you don’t want to use the common pen. Here the doctor will access if you have any critical illnesses, pre-existing conditions, and allergies, and will access your risk. The doctor also briefed on what adverse reactions or side-effects to look out for after the vaccination and what to do should I experience any. You can also ask the doctor any questions that you many have regarding the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccination (but most of the info is also readily available on the website). I was deemed low risk, given a 15 minute waiting card and could proceed to the next section was the vaccination section!
In the vaccination section, there were 10 vaccination booths and I waited around five (5) minutes before it was my turn. No pics in the vaccination booth as it was so quick (around just 3 minutes). The medical officer prepared the vaccine, swabbed my upper arm with disinfectant, stuck the needle in and injected me with the vaccine. The medical officer was a nice and friendly lady who made me feel entirely at ease (not that I had any anxiety at all, I was so excited to get the vaccine and she could definitely sense it!). To be entirely honest, I didn’t feel a thing when I was injected as the needle was fine. Scanned a QR code in the booth after my shot to prove that my 1st dose of the AstraZeneca vaccination was done then it was out to the waiting area.
I waited 15 minutes (+3 minutes extra just in case) in the waiting area in case I had any adverse reactions. I had none and felt totally normal so it was to the final counter where my process was completed and I was issued with a vaccine card to prove that I had my first dose. My MySejahtera app also updated itself to show my new status. If you do have any adverse reactions, there are medical staff on standby to assist you with treatment on the spot.
Protect yourself and protect others!

And that was it! All done in 70 minutes! Easy, simple and painless! There’s absolutely no reason why anyone should not get the Covid-19 vaccine (unless of course you’ve been advised otherwise by your healthcare provider).

Don’t listen to all the false rumours, fake news, and rubbish spread by anti-vaccers/ persons with nefarious motives! If in doubt, consult your doctor (YOUR DOCTOR, NOT bomoh/ witch doctor, or some totally unqualified distant relative’s friend or something).

If you registered for any vaccine dependents (your parents, grandparents, etc. etc.) through your MySejahtera app, kindly accompany them through the whole process.

Get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible, it is the ONLY WAY FORWARD for Malaysia!

Having MCO or lockdown every three (3) months is simply unsustainable, and is frankly a most stupid strategy.

To register to be vaccinated in Malaysia, head over to

Update – 9 May 2021

My left bicep which got the injection still aches a bit, but not to the extent that it’s bothersome or noticeable unless I lift my arm up high.

I’ve not had any fever although I did feel slightly sluggish for the first two (2) days after the injection.

Stopped taking Panadol (as recommended by the medical officer at the PPV) as I’ve not had any fever.

Update – 15 May 2021

Bicep ceased to ache on 10 May and my energy levels also rebounded on the same day (probably due to three days of rest).

The authorities announced today that there will be another batch of AstraZeneca vaccines arriving this month, and once again registration for volunteer recipients will be available online at

Source: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

In light of the worsening Covid-19 situation in Malaysia which saw 44 deaths today, a new daily record in Malaysia (there were a total of 209 deaths in the past seven days which is also a new record), I strongly urge everyone who can be vaccinated to get vaccinated ASAP.

Having a lockdown every two or three months is UNSUSTAINABLE and sooner or later the economy will buckle from the stress.

Update – 24 May 2021

I feel absolutely fine (no side-effects whatsoever since I got my shot). Wish I could say the same about the country…

Another batch of AstraZeneca vaccines have arrived and registration for the vaccination is currently underway (senior citizens first then open to the general public).

Register to be vaccinated on your MySejahtera app, then head over to register for AstraZeneca at

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  1. Thank you for your well-written, informative and helpful special feature. I missed out on the first phase so I will be going for the second phase. Hope everything will go well for me as it did for you.

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