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Affordable and Cost-Effective Professional (Food Delivery Platform) Photography for Restaurants/ F&B Establishments

Affordable and Cost-Effective Professional (Food Delivery Platform) Photography for Restaurants/ Food & Beverage Establishments


Updated on 15 May 2020

The fallout of Covid-19 looks to be very long-lasting and severe, impacting all aspects of our lives and disrupting many businesses across almost all industries.

As we provide our marketing services to many food and beverage (F&B) clients, the feedback across the board is that revenues have been greatly impacted, some up to 80 to 90%. Some restaurants have turned to a food delivery model to survive during the MCO period.

We did a survey of the popular food delivery apps like Grab Food, Food Panda, DeliverEat, etc. etc. and have noticed that most independent restaurants do not have photos of their dishes (some have very basic/ ugly photos which were quite obviously shot with a smartphone). The big chain restaurants however, realise the importance of having quality photos and have the photos of their products on the platforms.

This is because consumers have more confidence to try your products if they can see what they are getting. As competition among restaurants is high in the food apps, the restaurants that appear to provide more value for money will undoubtedly have the upper hand (assuming the reviews are the same or better and not worse than other restaurants of same tier).

Thus good quality photos of the products are necessary especially to convince first time customers.

Even after the MCO is lifted (currently scheduled to end on 28 April 2020), the authorities might not allow dining in restaurants for some time, and even if it is allowed, it might take a while for consumers to have the confidence to start dining in at restaurants again. (Updated 15 May 2020 – We’ve surveyed a couple of malls in the Klang Valley and noticed that most had very few consumers dining in the outlet. We’ve also taken into account feedback from our numerous restaurant owners stating that diners are still very hesitant to dine in restaurants)

Therefore, we have decided to assist with some very affordable and cost-effective professional (food delivery platform) photography packages by renowned photographer Andy Kho specifically to assist F&B owners through this very turbulent period.

Additionally, these photos can also be used for social media marketing purposes which is crucial to attract diners to patronise or order from your establishment.



These packages are available from now until 15 June 2020.

View Andy’s F&B portfolio at ( and MHB Digital ( can also assist with digital, content, social media and influencer marketing during this period, as well as assist you to recover market share after the MCO ends.

We’re here to help! #kitabantukita

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