Official Launch of Albertwines2u.com.my



Headed over to Mantra Bar in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur recently for the official launch party of AlbertWines2u, which is a new e-commerce platform by one of the most trusted wine importers in Malaysia – Albert Wines & Spirits.

The new e-commerce portal enables you to skip travelling to a retail shop to select and buy your wines/ spirits, enduring the jam, finding parking, and sometimes not even finding the wine/ spirits you want. AlbertWines2u delivers your choice of wines and spirits right to your doorstep.

AlbertWines2u is spearheaded by Albert Wines & Spirits, one of the most trusted importers of wines and spirits in Malaysia. The managing director, Albert Tan established Albert Wines & Spirits in 1992 and since then, it had served customers, from airports to 5-Star restaurants and hotels, with quality wines and beverages.

AlbertWines2u offers a large selection of wines and spirits and many more. You can also specify the country or region and the type of grape used for the wine. With our wide selection, you will be able to find the best suit bottles across several continents and choose through over 100 brands from all over the world. AlbertWines2u offers hassle-free and highly reliable wines and spirits delivery all across West Malaysia, offering free standard delivery if you purchase over RM500.

ON the site, you’ll find a wide selection of wines red wine, white wine, champagne from every wine-producing region in the world – Bollinger, Gerard Bertrand (France), Frescobaldi, Santa Margherita (Italy), De Bortoli, Shaw + Smith (Australia), Familia Torres (Spain), Luigi Bosca (Argentina) and many more. There are wines to suit different budgets and occasions, from a simple Tuesday night’s glass of wine to the best Grand Crus Classes, or even full party supply (wedding, private function or corporate events). AlbertWines2u can also craft a service according to customer menu, budget, or specification.

Aside from wines, AlbertWines2u also has quality spirits like Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Rum, Vodka from Camus, Macallan, The Glenlivet,  Lambay Irish Whisky, No. 3 London, Matusalem, Sierra and many more.

AlbertWines2u ensure that all bottles in their catalogue are certified by our Resident Wine and Spirits Geek, David Stephan. David is a French certified sommelier and wine expert, based in Malaysia for over eight (8) years, and picks only the greatest wine choices.

AlbertWines2u also sells wine chillers to preserve your bottles in the perfect condition and temperature. This allows you to age your premium wines without ending up with a corked wine.


AlbertWines2u’s Resident Wine and Spirits Geek, David Stephan

Albert Tan, Managing Director of Albert Wines & Spirits (left) and guest


For more info, head over to www.albertwines2u.com.my or call +603 6276 3993


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