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Brasserie Léon – Casual French Bistro in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur



We recently visited Brasserie Léon in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, which was formerly known as Cocott. Now we’ve visited Cocott previously and it has been one of the mainstay premium dining establishments in TTDI. However, with changing times and trends, businesses must be agile enough to adapt to thrive and that’s exactly what Cocott did, changing from a more premium bistro restaurant concept to a more accessible brasserie style cafe. As someone who loves French food (and cars), I headed over to Brasserie Léon to try their new concept, together with a partner in crime who has not really tried French dining before.

Retaining Cocott’s elegant setting, Brasserie Léon is a more casual cafe that celebrates the Classic French Steak & Fries served with a secret signature sauce, which is considered a favourite and almost considered national dish in France. Other French’s favourites such as Roasted Chicken, Melted Raclette Cheese, together with a handful of appetisers and desserts complete the menu.

Parking is a breeze as there’s ample and cheap parking in the Greens Terrace complex which houses Brasserie Léon. You could also park in the legal parking bays by the roadside but for safety reasons, I fully recommend parking in the basement carpark which has guards patrolling. Then take the lift (or even better still – WALK!) up two (2) storeys to the restaurant.


The interior of the restaurant exudes a warm and upmarket setting with dark wood flooring and furniture. The fairy lights also added a rather ethereal ambience and setting which is very conducive for a nice dinner, (Many places try to use fairy lights and end up making the place look tacky but Cocott’ manages to use it to great effect!)
We started off with house made bread with butter. Being a bread lover, I could have eaten this all night but I had to save space for the multitude of dishes to come!
Deep fried Brie (cheese) served with red onion chutney
Deep fried Brie (cheese) served with red onion chutney. Delicious morsels of creamy Brie, with a sweet red onion chutney to match. A really lovely combination and one that will surely be appreciated by any cheese lover!
Flamed Cured Mackerel
Flamed Cured Mackerel
Baked Escargots in Garlic Butter
Baked Escargots in Garlic Butter. This one was a real treat! Remember the house made bread? Use it to mop up any leftover sauce!
Roasted Chicken served with traditional chicken jus
Roasted Chicken served with traditional chicken jus


The star of the night was undoubtedly the steak which was delicious and tender, and went well with the herb and butter “secret signature sauce”. Yet again, I used the bread to mop up the leftover sauce!
Do yourself a favour and order the steak medium-rare! You’ll thank me later!
Truffle fries and some greens can be added on as a side dish.
Happy to see that some of the signature desserts on Cocott’s menu were retained: Chocolate Mousse – 70% dark chocolate (bottom) – rich and luxurious! Great if you like dark chocolate! Tiramisu Verrine – homemade coffee genoise (top) – a deconstructed tiramisu that’s pretty rich from the cream but well-balanced with the coffee sponge! Creme Brulee – a traditional French dessert with a torched sugar top! Decadent but very popular among the fairer sex!


My favourites of the night would have to be the deep fried Brie, the escargots and the steak. Well executed and delicious and doesn’t burn a huge hole in your pocket! I’m hoping Brasserie Léon will bring back it’s weekend French brunch again soon because it’s something that’s really missing in the city. Brasserie Léon is certainly not a fine dining restaurant, but has its own charms and is suitable for a casual date night, or even family gatherings!


Brasserie Léon is located at:

1-1 Greens Terrace, Jalan Wan Kadir 3,

Taman Tun Dr Ismail,

60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Telephone: 03-2712 4481



Operating Hours: Lunch from 12pm to 3pm, dinner from 6.30pm to 10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)


Thanks for having us over!


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