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Lunch with The Botanist Gin and their Brand Ambassadors, Chloe Wood and Rick Joore


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Headed over to Chocha Foodstore along Petaling Street in downtown Kuala Lumpur on 16 July 2019 for an exclusive and intimate luncheon with The Botanist Gin and their Brand Ambassadors, Chloe Wood and Rick Joore.

A sensory introduction to the brand preceded the eclectic lunch with Chocha’s fusion dishes served alongside some bespoke The Botanist cocktails. It was certainly an interesting experience and an opportunity to get up close and personal with the brand ambassadors who were happy to share their knowledge on the brand.


Chloe Wood, Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for The Botanist giving us an introduction to the brand
While we enjoyed some cocktails using The Botanist as the base


The Botanist is Islay’s first and only dry gin. Now Islay is mostly known as one of the top producing regions of peated whisky so it’s rather unique to have a gin being made on the island. The Botanist features 22 hand-foraged botanicals which delicately augment the spirit’s nine core ingredients of berries, bark, seeds and peels, producing a rare expression of the heart and soul of the remote Scottish island.

The Botanist was created by former Master Distiller Jim McEwan of Progressive Hebridean Distillers Bruichladdich, and began with a proud fascination with the hills, woods and wetlands of Islay. Always one to challenge convention, McEwan wanted to explore the world of gin – specifically how his native paradise could play a part in the conception of the spirit.

“We have always believed in innovation and progress, in being unafraid to do things differently,” say McEwan. “We had no prior experience with gin, but we were passionate, stubborn, and resolute – just like our Gaelic forefathers! We took a risk, and we rose to the challenge, and with The Botanist, we created a progressive, carefree spirit that brings you the magical melody of Islay in one sip.”


Most people who know me know that I’m more inclined towards whisky, but this gin was really good and I had a good number of these (always remember to drink responsibly) as I took the MRT over to the lunch!



The layered complexity of The Botanist comes to life through a team of progressive Hebridean distillers and botanical scientists, armed with extensive knowledge about the aromatic herbs and delicate flora of the Scottish island, who handpicked all ingredients locally and sustainably in the heart of Islay. The 22 Island botanicals used in The Botanist all grow on different parts of the island and bloom at different times of the year, making the hand-foraging a challenging, but rewarding, endeavour.

In March, the foraging begins with young Birch leaves that impart a distinct nutty flavor; in May, the botanical scientists are on the lookout for the subtle touch of anise brought by Sweet Cicely, while in June, they must keep their eyes peeled for Water Mint and Wood Sage. Come August, the powerful flavours of Tansy and Chamomile will be ripe for picking, and the team must harvest late summer Heather for their lovely honeyed undertones.

Incredible care is exercised in the distillation process, as the precious botanicals are slowly and gently coaxed into releasing their complex, signature aromatics in The Botanist’s unique and cherished Lomond pot-still. The result? A delicious manifestation of passionate creativity and artisanal craftsmanship.

Chloe Wood, Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for The Botanist adds “Malaysia used to be a haven for foraging with an abundance of natural herbs and spices – frequently used for Chinese medicine. While that is not popular in our day and age, I do hope that The Botanist will inspire its local bartenders and consumers towards sourcing for local ingredients and being creative with the way they garnish and serve their drinks. We really want The Botanist to encourage you to go out there and explore your surroundings!”


Photo courtesy of Remy Cointreau Malaysia


The Botanist is available in Malaysia at the following locations:

Name of Location Type
Mercato Pavilion, KL Supermarket
Atlas Gourmet, Four Season KL Supermarket
Jason’s Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre Supermarket
Aeon Supermarket
Jaya Grocer Supermarket
Village Grocer Supermarket
Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara Bar
Shangri-La Hotel Bar
Hotel Majestic Bar
MAZE Gin Parlour & Coffee Saloon Bar
W.I.P Café & Restaurant Bar
Suzie Wong Bar
Troika Sky Dining Bar
PS 150 Bar
Mrs Jones’ Parlour Bar
JungleBird Bar
Bar Trigona Bar
W Hotel Bar
SkyBar Traders Hotel KL Bar
Marimbar, The Rooftop Bar, Pinnacle PJ Bar
Boozeat Online
Whisky.my Online


The Botanist is imported and distributed in Malaysia by Remy Cointreau Malaysia. For more info, head over to https://www.remy-cointreau.com/en/


Thanks for having me!


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