News – July 2019


Ambank And Maxis Collaborate to Launch Joint Financial and Digital Solutions Initiatives for SMEs


AmBank and Maxis have entered into a partnership to grow small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia. Both companies will be collaborating to create a roadmap of digital solutions for SMEs that will enable easy access to solutions for their financial and technology needs, through a one-stop hub. The solutions created as part of this partnership will also provide a faster, more seamless experience with Maxis’ “Always On” connectivity and via a single touch point. Overall, SMEs can expect better digital customer experience and value from these joint offers.

Both parties officiated the partnership at the press conference in Kuala Lumpur on 9 July 2019. Representing AmBank Group was its Group CEO, YBhg Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir, while Maxis represented by its CEO, Gokhan Ogut.

“AmBank Group’s strategic partnership with Maxis is aligned with the government’s call for the private sector to help support SMEs as these companies make up more than 98% of businesses in the country. Beyond, much-needed financial services, our vision is to grow, nurture and help business graduate from cradle to IPO. As we continue to build the ecosystem needed to support SMEs, our partnership with Maxis is timely in a digitally-driven business landscape. Through our various SME-centric initiatives, we are focused on being there for our SME clients, which has resulted in their continued trust in us,” said Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir.

“Accessibility to the best financial services and tailored digital solutions with superior connectivity is critical for SMEs to grow in a highly competitive space and fast-changing digital world. We are pleased to be embarking on this partnership with AmBank, as both of us have a shared vision to grow SME businesses together digitally. Our ambition to help SMEs is driven by the current business landscape in which technology has become an important element of business success. The potential and possibilities of what technology can do for business is immense, and we are excited at what we can bring to this very important segment through our collaborative effort,” said Gokhan Ogut, Maxis CEO.

With a shared vision of ‘Insights as a Service’, both teams are also exploring opportunities to innovate and harness the power of data-driven insights collected via digital solutions to provide personalized offers to SMEs and aid them in fulfilling their customer needs, while simplifying the SME account opening process through a seamless joint digital registration process in the future.

AmBank has continuously invested in its SME business as a key strategic pillar of the group. In FY2019, total loans extended to SMEs grew 21.2% YoY to RM20.2 billion and comprises 19.7% of its total loan base. It has in the past forged strategic partnerships with key parties such as Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad

(CGC) to expand its offerings and will continue on its strategic agenda to innovate and diversify revenue streams, creating sustainable market spaces with digital at the heart of its businesses. AmBank will continue to invest in growing its capabilities in the SME space, capitalising on the network and platform created from AmBank BizRACE, helping to connect SMEs while simplifying the way businesses can be on-boarded to access a range of ecosystem needs through AmBank and our partners.

Maxis’ converged offerings of innovative solutions are built around an “Always On” proposition. For businesses of all sizes across key segments including retail, logistics, F&B, manufacturing and government, its goal is to help them succeed by simplifying and improving the way they work through end-to-end solutions – from mobile and superfast fibre broadband to eCommerce and IoT – backed by its industry-leading network that ensures an unrestricted and worry-free experience which can be enjoyed “as a service”.

To commemorate this strategic partnership, AmBank and Maxis are giving away exclusive offers for a limited period.

For more info, head over to to discover how you can get savings of up to 30% on certain packages (available for a limited period). Customers can register their interest for an appointment to learn more with AmBank and Maxis representatives.



Guest Chef Juni Ardhana from Hilton Bali Visits Vasco’s, Hilton Kuala Lumpur


Vasco’s, Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s all-day dining restaurant, welcomes Executive Sous Chef Juni of Hilton Bali, to Malaysian shores. With 18 years of experience under his belt, Chef Juni is renowned for his mastery of Balinese cuisine and is in the city for two weeks to share his knowledge, impart culinary traditions, and create exclusive dining experiences for guests.

“Growing up and eating local food, while spending most of my time in my grandmother’s kitchen, allowed me to develop a creative approach about food. It opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities different ingredients, flavours, and pairings can create,” he mused.

Each of Chef Juni’s dishes will offer diners an insight into Bali’s exotic flavours, featuring specially crafted Indonesian favourites from a refreshed menu that includes new signature dishes.

Juni’s signature include Bebek Betutu, a typical Balinese dish of duck stuffed with herbs and cassava leaves, wrapped in banana leaf, and then slow-steamed for three hours till tender. Sate is an interesting variant in Bali, made from minced sweet spiced chicken, beef, or fish skewers.

Another traditional dish is the Lawar Gedang which is a delicious mix containing minced beef, green papaya salad, grated coconut, spices, and enhanced with kaffir lime, basil, and chili. Other must-try dishes include Ikan Bakar Jimbaran, Cumi Cumi Sereh, Be Sampi Menyat Nyat, Tum Ayam, Udang Sambal, Kambing Mekuah, and Ikan Kemangi.

There will also be a traditional dance performance in the evening every Friday and Saturday throughout the promotion period to add to the Balinese experience.

This special offering runs daily at Vasco’s from 12 July from 31 July 2019 priced at:

Lunch: RM148 nett per adult   |   RM 74 nett per child

Dinner: RM181 nett per adult   |   RM 89 nett per child

*Add on RM120 nett for a free flow of beverages.

Standard Hilton Dining APAC discounts apply.

For reservations, call +603 2264 2264 or email



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