New Summer 2019 Menu at Meatology by Chef Yenni Law, TTDI (Part 2)


Chef Yenni Law


Read my first visit to Meatology by Chef Yenni Law first – https://timchew.net/2019/06/14/new-summer-2019-menu-at-meatology-by-chef-yenni-law-ttdi-part-1/

I was so impressed by food at Meatology by Chef Yenni Law that I decided to pay another visit, this time with Ruby, Veron and Andy in tow (unfortunately Denise wasn’t free that evening) to try more items on their extensive meaty menu!

To recap – Chef Yenni has been in the F&B industry for over 20 years, including a stint in England and Spain. In December 2004, she took over the management of Boathouse, a little neighbourhood restaurant located along Lorong Rahim Kajai 14 in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. In July 2016, Yenni made the decision to rebrand Boathouse as Meatology by Chef Yenni Law, named after her first cookbook.

The establishment has a casual and cosy vibe, and serves a wide selection of meaty dishes and international wines from all over the world. The establishment specialises in steaks and pork; and is one of the very few restaurants in Malaysia, that flambé your food by your table.

Meatology pays homage both to Chef Yenni’s childhood growing up in an Asian home and the early part of her career being trained in French cuisine and later working abroad in Europe. Her cuisine is very much characterised by both Western and Asian influences, and she is the author of two (2) cookbooks to date (which you can view on the wall of the restaurant!).

The first cookbook which is entitled “Meatology” was published by MPH in 2015 and features only meat-based recipes. In 2017, Chef Yenni published her second cookbook entitled Her World Cookbook 2017 The Rice Pot in collaboration with Her World Malaysia magazine. This cookbook garnered first place for Best in The World Gourmand Award in May 2018 at Yantai, China. To date, Chef Yenni is the only Malaysian who won the first place.

That’s not the only notable award she’s won as Boathouse emerged as a nominee for the Most Innovative Guest Experience Award by the Hospitality Asia Pacific Awards (HAPA) in 2014.


The establishment serves four (4) beers/ cider on tap (ie. draught) namely Strongbow cider, Guinness draught, Paulaner and Tiger beer.
The girls of course went for the cocktails. If you order the frozen margaritas just be prepared to drink it fast as it melts rather quickly in the Malaysian weather.

Cockle in a Bottle – RM24.80

spicy marinated cockles



Grilled Cincaluk Pork – RM23.80

pork belly cooked with prawn paste

Oh my! What a amazing local fusion dish! If you know how to appreciate cincaluk you’re gonna love this dish! Goes great with draught beers!


This surf and turf main was a special of the day. Check the blackboard or ask your waiter for the daily specials. The pork steak and octopus were grilled to perfection and were so flavourful they really didn’t need the accompanying sauce (which we used on the mash potatoes instead!).


The steaks are flambed tableside for quite an Instaworthy spectacle!

Grilled Matsusaka

Japanese (kumamoto) loin cut marbling 10 – 12

Oh my! Melt in the mouth Japanese Matsusaka beef cooked to a beautifully pink medium rare! Juicy, tender and so flavourful (just sprinkle some sea salt over before eating). Do not spoil this one by asking for some sauce to go with it. This is my favourite meat dish at Meatology.


Chilli Lime Ribs – RM48.80

Eat this one with your fingers! It was tremendously appetising due to the combination of the spicy chilli and the lime. Don’t share this one!


Hog-Mohawk on Fire – RM72.80

600g Paulaner beer marinated Spanish tomahawk.

Another juicy, tender, and very flavourful cut of meat. This restaurant really specializes in meats and each meat dish is really wonderfully cooked! This main can easily be shared among 2 – 3 pax. Order some draught beer to go along with it!


Duck Breast – Rm47.80

250g house cured duck breast served with mushroom brandy raguot

For those who like duck, this tender duck breast makes a good option for a main dish. Goes tremendously well with a glass of red wine (BTW Meatology has some good value for money happy hour drinks packages so head over early to take advantage of them!).



Risotto Pesto – rm40.80

risotto, rocket pesto, scallop, prawn, garlic, champignon mushroom, white wine

Absolutely loaded with seafood! Big enough portion for 2 pax. Order an appetiser and a dessert (or two!) to go along with this main and you should be full.


Spaghetti Pesto Prawn & Scallop – Rm38.80

Garlic flakes, ginger bud pesto, prawn, scallop, Chilli, white wine

This pasta dish was certainly well worth the price as it had lots of prawns and scallops! The pasta was very appetising and spicy, and you will definitely not have the cloying feeling eating this dish. Highly recommended for seafood lovers!


Truffle Spaghetti – RN35.80

Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Paste, Onsen Egg, kombu, white wine

The lovely truffle aroma really permeated from this pasta dish which would definitely satisfy mushroom lovers!


Suzette on Fire (left) and Reggae Pudding (right)

Suzette on Fire – Rm23.80

with Brandy Orange Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

We had the remaining two (2) desserts that I didn’t try during my visit with Denise. The Suzette on Fire (crepe Suzette) was cooked tableside and gave quite a show with the flames and all! A boozy dessert that’s well-balanced with a good combination of piquant, creamy and sweet flavours!


Reggae Pudding – RM16.80

Fresh Bread, Banana, Raisins, Egg, Custard, rum

A very hearty and boozy dessert indeed!


My second visit to Meatology was even better than my first thanks to the Matsusaka beef! This time we got to try more mains and I’d have to honestly say that Chef Yenni really knows her meats! If you’re looking for a hearty and meaty meal that doesn’t break the bank, Meatology in TTDI is certainly a very good option!


Meatology by Chef Yenni Law is located at:

16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,

Taman Tun Dr Ismail,

60000 Kuala Lumpur,



Telephone: 03-7727 4426

Website: https://www.meatologykl.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeatologyKL/


Photos by Andy Kho Photography (http://www.andykho.com)




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