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Briar Ridge Omakase Dinner at Hanayuzen Japanese Restaurant


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We recently headed over to Hanayuzen Japanese Restaurant in Subang Jaya, Selangor for the Briar Ridge wine pairing dinner organised by Cave & Cellar Sdn. Bhd. – the official importer and distributor of Briar Ridge wines in Malaysia.

Hanayuzen is one of the few authentic Japanese restaurants in Subang Jaya, and features a wide array of traditional Japanese cuisine. The restaurant occupies two (2) floors and has a capacity of 110 persons, with a 10-pax sushi bar, and two tatami rooms.

Briar Ridge is the largest holder of vineyards in the Mount View region. Many of the vines have been growing for 45 years, providing Briar Ridge with fruit of outstanding quality and unique character thanks to Mount View’s location in an unmatched part of the Hunter Valley. 

The combination of soil, aspect and the microclimate (aka the terroir) are what make the difference. The rich, red, limestone-based soils underlying the vineyards at Mount View are what makes Briar Ridge’s corner of the Hunter so special.

The soils found there are perfectly matched to grape growing, giving the fruit an individual character that is distinctly Mount View and the wines their unique and delicious flavours.

To ensure fruit intensity and retention of the unique character and flavour of the wines. Briar Ridge keeps the vineyard yields low, between 1 and 2.5 tonnes per acre. This allows the winemaking team to selectively harvest small parcels of high-quality fruit.

Lying at an altitude of 130 – 180 meters, Briar Ridge’s Mount View vineyards benefit from slightly cooler temperatures than other areas of the Hunter Valley. Combined with microclimate and vineyard practices, it is the perfect environment to craft wines known for their elegance and unique flavour.

Briar Ridge operates under a fairly warm climate which is moderated by coastal breezes and cloud cover in the summer months.  The shadow of the Mount View Ranges provides cooling breezes over the vineyards, and means varieties can be preferentially planted according to desired sunlight and heat levels.

In addition to the Mount View vineyards, Briar Ridge has roots in other distinctive Australian wine growing regions – Orange and the Hilltops in New South Wales and Wrattonbully in South Australia.

For more info on Briar Ridge, head over to https://www.briarridge.com.au/


Us with Darren Gall from Briar Ridge



Egg and Potato Salad served with Herring Roe & Salmon Slice in Apple Sauce, Goma and Carpaccio Sauce

Paired with Briar Ridge Semillon

The nose is rich with lemon curd and jasmine blossom with a lemon sherbet acidity across the palate.

A starter featuring many different flavours, with the acidity of the Briar Ridge Semillon keeping the palate fresh.




Otoro, Salmon Belly, Tobikko and Amaebi, served with Ohba, Nama Wasabi, Ao Tosaka and Aka Tosaka

Paired with Briar Ridge Semillon

This was a lovely pairing with the delicious umami flavours of the fresh seafood complemented beautifully by the fresh and piquant notes of the wine! We usually attend wine pairing dinners where the wines are paired with Western cuisine, however I must say that wines can also be paired with Japanese cuisine!



Maguro Kama with Hakata Shio, Sasanoha, Hajikami Shoga and Daikon Oroshi

Paired with Briar Ridge Shiraz

The wine had an easy-drinking and approachable style with spiced aromas of white pepper balanced with blueberry and cocoa like tannins across the palate.

This cut of maguro (tuna) was really fatty and meaty hence the wine paired with it as it would a meaty steak, lending some peppery and blueberry notes to complement the richness of the maguro. An intriguing pairing…




Foie Gras in Butter Sauce, Lollo Rosa with Asparagus, Shimeji Mushroom and Cherry Tomato

Paired with Briar Ridge Shiraz

This pairing was something I was more used to… and it also helps that I’m a huge fan of foie gras! The peppery, blueberry and cocoa notes were a delightful match to complemented the foie gras which was cooked to perfection. In my humble opinion, this was the best pairing of the night!



Wagyu with Ering Mushroom in Denkaku Miso and Goma

Paired with Briar Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon

This was a dark and brooding wine, complex and with layers of blackcurrants and cloved spice on the palate.

I thought that this wine had a good structure and body to match the tender wagyu beef. This wine was more complex than the Shiraz, and I took my time to savour it slowly. Wagyu and a complex red wine such as this is an immensely gratifying match!




Japanese bean Dessert

with Pilliteri Vidal



Briar Ridge wines are imported and distributed in Malaysia by Cave & Cellar Sdn. Bhd.

For more info, head over to https://www.facebook.com/cavecellar/


Hanayuzen is located at:

No 26, Jalan SS15/4,

SS 15,

47500 Subang Jaya,



Telephone: 03-5613 1080

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hanayuzen.subang/


Thanks for having us!


Photos captured with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.


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