“Sweet Breads for Christmas” Baking Workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia

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Conne and I got to experience the “Sweet Breads for Christmas” Baking Workshop (the December 2019 workshop) which was conducted by Chef Thierry Lerallu who is the Boulangerie & Pastry Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia.

Le Cordon Bleu has helped aspiring cooks realise their dreams of becoming professional chefs for more than a century. Many Le Cordon Bleu students come from different academic fields and professional backgrounds, however many already have some experience in the culinary arts. Some people want to start a new career, while others want to merge their interests with their existing occupation or progress in it. Their students aim to have successful careers in a wide range of industries, including teaching, journalism, consulting, catering, restaurant and hotel management, food service, food styling, and restaurant kitchens.

Le Cordon Bleu has produced great talents worldwide throughout the years, and its alumni have been adding more colours and flavours to the F&B scene in Malaysia. Some notable establishments include DC Restaurant by Darren Chin, Mamanda and Suka Sucre by Dato’ Fazley, Kompasssion and K2 by Chef Nikom – all located in Kuala Lumpur, Jam & Kaya by Janice in Petaling Jaya, and gēn by Johnson Wong in Penang.

For beginners, gourmet enthusiasts or those wanting to be the best house party host, there are a wide range of short one day courses held monthly which are is great way to experience first-hand the world of Le Cordon Bleu.

Chef Thierry was born in France, Normandy. He started his apprenticeship as a baker, Patissier, chocolatier and confiseur in Normandy well-known for the fresh cream, milk product, cheese and apple.

Thierry Lerallu from an early age showed his predisposition for his job and was rewarded repeatedly as the best apprentice in various specialties; from the bakery to patisserie, He remains unbeatable and comprehensive.

After receiving his Diploma from CFA, Alencon France he ventured out to see the world and had set foot in Malaysia in the early nineties where he worked for several 5 star international hotels. It was in Malaysia where he discovered the Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

After having worked in Malaysia for several years, his addiction to travel took him to Seoul in South Korea where he become an executive pastry chef in a 5 star hotel and he will open few “salon de the” on behalf of the company.

In 2003 he joined Constance hotel and Constance Academy and Mauritius IVTB in Mauritius whereby he had shared his professional knowledge with young Mauritian apprentices where he trains via an intensive Pâtisserie programme. He had also adapt all its techniques for high-flying fun at workshops conducted with Mini-chefs, and guests of the hotel.

His skills with baking, sugar and chocolate art had brought him much recognition in the yearly Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival in Mauritius and they depended heavily on his talent for beautiful creations and desserts which made such a distinction and were highly regarded and appreciated by both participants and renowned guests.

With his numerous years in the industry starting in France and eventually all over the world, his appointment as Head of Pastry Chef at the Sunway Le Cordon Bleu did bring the patisserie programme to great heights in Malaysia and South East Asia. He subsequently joined the Le Cordon Bleu School in Seoul Korea but have returned to the Malaysia school as Pastry and Bakery Chef Instructor to commence our Boulangerie Programme

It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no baking/ culinary experience as the chef and his assistants will guide you step by step, ensuring that by the end of the class you will have mastered the recipe and produced something lovely to bring home!

The workshop started early on Saturday morning, with a simple briefing to the participants which numbered around 20, on the basic guidelines (practise cleanliness, etc. etc.) followed by the start of the class in the kitchen.

Chef Thierry Lerallu proceeded to give a step by step demonstration, dropping some pearls of culinary wisdom along the way from his many years of experience. The class was rather informal with participants able to ask questions,, and Chef Rodolphe is a really jovial chef so the atmosphere was really hearty and fun!

After Chef Thierry Lerallu demonstrated each step, the participants got to do it by themselves, starting with the base ingredients, flour, butter, etc. etc. It was truly quite a learning experience for the both of us (Conne has baked bread before at home, I’ve never done so) as we got to learn some very useful baking techniques, tips and tricks!

In the span of six hours, we got to learn how to make Danish raisin rolls, chocolate milk bread, Viennese bread and Banana ‘croc’ with chocolate which are perfect for a Christmas tea session.

A truly memorable learning experience and one that we highly recommend to any baking/ culinary enthusiast. You can also sign up as a couple (ie. take 2 spots) and spend some quality time together learning some new skills! You can make it a fun weekend activity with your girlfriends and it’s a great way to spend a weekend morning!



Apart from the gourmet and short courses/ workshops, Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia also offers the following culinary arts programmes/ courses:


A highly acclaimed range of cuisine courses offer the most comprehensive training in French culinary techniques available today.

Completion of the Basic Cuisine Certificate, Intermediate Cuisine Certificate and Superior Cuisine Certificate results in the award of Diplôme de Cuisine. Students will learn to master the necessary skills to create fine cuisine dishes through a combination of practical sessions, demonstrations and theory lessons, gaining knowledge from the team of classically trained master chefs who have experience working in senior position in the world’s finest kitchens and Michelin star restaurants.

The cuisine master chefs of Le Cordon Bleu lead demonstrations to show students how to produce dishes to the highest professional standard. Students are then tasked with replicating the dish in one of the dedicated cuisine practical kitchens under the guidance of one of Le Cordon Bleu’s Master Chefs to ensure satisfactory progress is made.

Theoretical technical classes explore a specific culinary subject or ingredient and are taught through concise classroom sessions. Each technical class is supplemented by supporting resources to underpin the practical knowledge taught and provide context to the techniques developed and ingredients used.

4 intakes yearly: January, April, July and October


Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia offers a large range of pâtisserie courses led by the team of classically trained Master Chefs Le Cordon Bleu to help students develop their skills whilst improving their creative flair. The Diplôme de Pâtisserie covers Basic Pâtisserie Certificate, Intermediate Pâtisserie Certificate and Superior Pâtisserie Certificateis (the ultimate pâtisserie and baking qualification) which can be obtained in 9 months or 6 months. 

The wide range of exciting gourmet short courses include Pâtisserie techniques, learning macaroons and chocolate demonstrations, all of which provide a truly unique culinary experience suitable for beginners or experienced students.

4 intakes yearly: January, April, July and October

Bakery, Danish Pastries & Artisan Breads

The Boulangerie programme is based on understanding, learning and mastering boulangerie techniques. The training mainly comprises practical classes. Theory classes, conferences and boulangerie related visits are also included.

The programme is divided into two levels: Basic and Advanced Bread Baking Certificates. Students have the option to create a comprehensive programme by studying the Diplôme de Pâtisserie alongside the Diplôme de Boulangerie within a 1 year period.

4 intakes yearly: January, April, July and October

Hotel, Restaurant & Culinary Management

All of the restaurant management and culinary management courses at Le Cordon Bleu London have been adapted to meet the needs of the ever evolving culinary and hospitality industry. Specialist courses such as the Diploma in Culinary Managementhave been designed to provide aspiring managers and business owners with the relevant skill set to lead successful kitchens and food businesses.

The focus of this innovative programme is to provide practical and technically advanced culinary skills, alongside entrepreneurship and management studies.

From menu concepts and marketing, professional kitchen management and food and beverage cost control, students will develop their creativity and understanding of modern food trends during their time on this course, whilst working closely with enthusiastic lecturers who have had many years of practical experience themselves.

The Diploma in Culinary Management can also be studied as an integrated programme with one of the culinary arts diploma (Grand Diplôme®, Cuisine or Pâtisserie)

4 intakes yearly: January, April, July and October

Grand Diplôme®

Respected across the culinary and hospitality industry as a mark of excellence, Le Cordon Bleu’s Grand Diplôme® is an influential qualification combining classical training in both cuisine and patisserie.

This Diploma is awarded after the successful completion of both the Diplôme de Cuisine and the Diplôme de Pâtisserie.

The programme is an intensive and comprehensive programme in classic French culinary techniques. Throughout the 9 months tuition, students are taught basic culinary skills before applying them to high-quality produce and specialist ingredients. Supervised by some of the most qualified and classically trained Chefs, students will learn fundamental culinary techniques through a succession of theoretical and practical training combining Chef demonstrations and practical sessions.

The Grand Diplôme® may also be studied as an integrated diploma with culinary management

4 intakes yearly: January, April, July and October

For more info on the gourmet and short courses/ workshops, head over to https://www.cordonbleu.edu/malaysia/gourmet-short-courses/en


Sunway University

No. 5 Jalan Universiti,

Bandar Sunway,

47500 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Telephone: +603 5632 1188

Email: malaysia@cordonbleu.edu

Website: https://www.cordonbleu.edu/malaysia/home/en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeCordonBleuMalaysia/

Conne Lim Jen Yng
 Thanks for having us!


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