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Editor’s Note – September 2018

[Editor’s Note]

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2018 (KLIMS’18) Gearing Towards a Clean Malaysia


2018 is shaping up to be quite a year! First there was the change of government (to the relief of all honest and ethical people in the country, the corrupt types though aren’t too happy about this), and then there’s the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2018 (KLIMS’18), organised by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), is making its 9th presentation from 23 November to 2 December 2018 at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center (MITEC).

Now I’ve attended every single KLIMS since 2000, and since 2013 as a member of the media where I got to attend the preview before the show opened to the public. In fact if you searched this site you’ll find lots of pics from KLIMS 2013. 

MAA has launched the groundwork for the most significant motor show in the country. Themed “Beyond Mobility”, preparations are underway for automotive brands to showcase their latest automobiles and promote their R&D achievements and visions at KLIMS’18. One of the highlights of the motor show is the electrification of cars as the global automotive industry innovates due to changing energy, environmental, and safety influences.

Datuk Aishah Ahmad, President of MAA said “The automotive industry is a revolution in motion. Technological advancement and innovative initiatives of the world’s brands are powering a mobility phenomenon that have changed the way a car drives. Consumers are also demanding better user experience, safety features and energy-efficient vehicles on their powertrains.”

Honda Malaysia is participating in KLIMS’18 with the focus on Next Generation Advanced Technology. Toichi Ishiyama, MD and CEO of Honda Malaysia, said “KLIMS’18 is a great platform to showcase our advanced engineering and future vision in Malaysia. We are proud to be the pioneer in bringing hybrid into the Malaysia market and followed by Sport Hybrid where Malaysia is the only country outside Japan to introduce it. Honda Malaysia is the first Japanese mass market manufacturer to introduce the Turbo engine and we have further thrilled the market with the World’s Fastest Front-Wheel-Drive production car, Civic Type R. Not only these, Honda has also introduced the Next Generation Advanced Safety Technology, Honda SENSING to the Malaysian market.”

Toichi Ishiyama added, “Honda will further excite the Malaysia market with our Advanced Technology innovation as we strive to provide the joy and freedom of mobility to everyone. We are committed to produce vehicles that are fun-to-drive, environmentally friendly and class-leading safety technology. Honda assures that it is not going to be just about the vehicles, but the advanced technology beyond it.”



Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Perodua, said “As Malaysia’s No 1 Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) manufacturer, Perodua will be highlighting its technologies in this area at KLIMS’18, as well as displaying vehicle trends designed to excite the young as well as the young-at-heart. There will be something for everybody!”

Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh, added “Perodua will be showcasing a host of vehicles and technologies that extend beyond the vehicles themselves to suit modern lifestyles and global trends. People are at the heart of everything we do at Perodua. All our KLIMS’18 displays are directly geared towards the needs, wants and aspirations of the public.”

Datuk Aishah Ahmad commented “KLIMS’18 is a platform to gather key industry players to advance the automotive market in Malaysia. Sustainable mobility can be realised through a collaborative approach between auto-makers, fuel companies, associated industries, end users and regulators. We should pursue an automotive market in Malaysia that is beneficial for personal mobility and the economic prosperity that vehicles bring, while minimising the impact to the environment.”

According to the “Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook 2018,” available on Reportbuyer, the electric vehicle market has a market potential of about 25 million units sold by 2025 and more than 400 models will be made available. In 2017, it has reached the 1.2 million sales mark with more than 165 models available for sale. 

For more information on KLIMS’18, head over to http://www.klims.com.my, or contact Trade-Link Exhibition Services Sdn Bhd at +603-7842 9863 or email info@trade-link-group.com



Happy Birthday Malaysia!


For the very first time ever, we decided to fly the Malaysian flag outside out house. While it is a momentous occasion for the country – finally liberated from the clutches of corruption, abuse of power, extremism, and racism, there remains a lot to be done to get the country back on track.

We need Malaysians of all creeds and ethnicity to come together and work hard to rebuild the country. Together we can make a better Malaysia!


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