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A Date with the Nissan Navara – Black Series

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I’ve honestly never done a review on a pickup before as I’ve always doubted whether I could handle the vehicle – with it being extra long, and wide, parking especially would be quite a challenge even with the rear sensors. It’s not that I’m a novice or driver lacking of confidence as I’ve driven and reviewed large vehicles including MPVs and SUVs before, just that I’ve witnessed on more than one occasion, pickups having difficulty parking in parking lots, especially the more cramped ones.

So it wasn’t until the new Nissan Navara series came out with reverse cameras that I decided to try one out hence I gave the nice folks over at Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) a call to try out their new NISSAN Navara – Black Series which has an aggressive and stylish look, unlike the contractor types of pickup trucks.

The new Black Series is available for the Navara VL, V and SE variants and is factory fitted – it must be ordered when you purchase the vehicle as it’s not an aftermarket add-on unlike an accessories package. The new “Black Series” refers to all the array of exterior enhancements and blacked-out components, which includes an edgy new matte black front grille, headlamp eye lid covers, blackout front bumper, matte black fog lamp covers, side mirror covers, front and rear overfenders, and sport bar in black finish for the cargo bed; while combination black leather seats add an unexpected luxury to its spacious interior.

The Navara remains unchanged in delivering a dynamic driving performance. The VL variant has a 2.5 litre turbo intercooler diesel engine that outputs 190 PS and 450Nm of torque, and fitted with a first-in-class seven-speed automatic transmission with manual mode for smoother acceleration. 

It is the first Japanese pickup in Malaysia with Multi-Link Rear Suspension system that offers SUV levels of driving comfort and handling. It is also the only pickup with Zero Gravity Inspired Seats that helps eliminate driver fatigue on long distance drives.


The Black Series has a bold and aggressive look – setting it apart from the average “contractor” type pickups

The interior is pretty modern, comparable to the other Nissan models like their cars and SUV


There’s a digital compass built into the rear view mirror – probably useful when you’re navigating in the jungle


The steering wheel comes with the audio and cruise control controls which is very convenient

This was the most important feature for me especially initially as I was getting accustomed to the larger dimensions of the pickup
The interior was comfortable – not unlike a car or SUV
The rear seats had some recline and there were rear aircon vents too, ensuring comfort for passengers
Rear drink holders too – very thoughtful!
The upper dashboard had an extra storage space as well as an additonal a power outlet


The Black Series componentry are factory fitted and includes a 3-year or 100,000km warranty (whichever comes first).

NISSAN NAVARA – BLACK SERIES 2.5 VL Auto (RM) 2.5 V Auto (RM) 2.5 SE Auto (RM)
Peninsular Malaysia 117,802.67 109,312.10 102,708.33

*OTR Price, without Insurance


My experience with the Nissan Navara Black Series was actually pretty pleasant! What started out as a test to see if I could handle such a large vehicle actually became quite an interesting experience. The powerful engine and SUV like interior definitely contributed to my positive experience, while the the reverse camera was hugely useful!

While I would probably never own one in my lifetime, it’s nice to see Nissan outfitting their pickups with features from their car and SUV models, making them as comfortable as they are utilitarian and practical!


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