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While most people would think of the zoo, hidden in the unassuming neighbourhood of Taman Melawati is a playful little cafe, designed with hipsters and the Instagram generation in mind. These days with social media pretty much consuming every aspect of the lives of millennials and Gen Z, it’s no surprise to find many cafes with pretty interiors and food with beautiful presentation popping up all over town, most particularly in the affluent neighbourhoods of Bangsar Baru and Damansara Heights. Hence it was quite a surprise to find one way out here, just a couple of minutes off the busy MRR2.


The cafe has a really long layout, with al fresco areas right at the back. It’s self-service here so do order at the counter before picking your preferred seating spot.
Right at the front is a good spot if you want to look studious
These are great for lounging on but definitely not conducive for eating! Lol

The swings are great for photos
Yes that is a repurposed old aircon
The table is also a repurposed item – probably an old holder for large diameter wire cables

Even more props out back in the little “garden” area

The food served here has some quirky names which are so chosen due to the cafe’s proximity to the nearby zoo. While the cafe does serve up the breakfast platters which are pretty much staples in most cafes, the more notable items here are the pretty waffles which instantly catch your attention when they are served due to the bright colours and photo-friendly presentation.

Photography tip – food photography requires good lighting so if you want to snap some photos which makes the food look appetising and attractive, make sure you find a bright spot. In the evening or at night, you might want to ask your friend/ partner to assist by providing more light from their smartphone’s flashlight.

Anyway, back to the food.


Salad – RM8.00

It’s precisely as the name suggests – a salad, topped with a hard-boiled egg.


White Whale – RM23.00

No whales were harmed in the making of this breakfast platter. Absolutely no clue why it’s called a white whale though. Probably hearty enough to fill up a (small) whale?


Zoo Keeper’s Meal – RM28.00

The cafe’s version of a “big breakfast”.


Black Bird – RM23.00


Olive Snail (Vegetarian) – RM18.00

A vegetarian breakfast platter option with egg, mushrooms, hash browns, waffles and a side salad.


Tropical Deer – RM18.00

Signature Pizza-Waffle with chicken ham and pineapple, topped with grilled cheese.


Aglio Olio with Salmon

A more substantial main that’s suitable for lunch/ dinner.


Spotted Jellyfish (Waffle) – RM15.00 and Strawberry Berry (Beverage) – RM16.00

No jellyfish in this dish in case you were wondering – just a strawberry covered waffle topped with maple syrup.


Real Potato Fries – RM10.00

Hand cut potato fries served with homemade special sauce


Cheesy Roll-Ups – RM15.00

Good for snacking on.


Brown Elephant – RM15.00

Waffle with banana, peanut butter & chocolate.


The drinks are also crafted with a lot of care and attention to detail

Latte – RM10.00

Uses single origin beans from Sumatra Mandheling.


Iced Cappuccino


Dirty Mojito – RM13.00

And by “dirty” it doesn’t mean that it’s spiked with alcohol, but refers to the double shots of espresso.


So the next time you’re in the neighbourhood of Taman Melawati, do head over to check out this quirky little cafe.


Playground Coffeery is located at:

No.19 Jalan E-1,

Taman Melawati,

53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Telephone: 03-4821 4522

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playground.coffeery/

Operation Hours: 11.00am to 11.00pm daily (closed on Tuesday)


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