Weekday ‘Fantastic Feast’ Menu at Dynasty Restaurant Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

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I for one love dim sum and I can eat it any time of the day unlike certain people who only eat it in the first half of the day. There’s just something about partaking of the variety of dim sum items that excites me every time I go for a dim sum lunch. There’s even more reason for me to go for dim sum as from now until 29 August 2017,  Dynasty Restaurant in Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel is offering their dim sum spread at half price (ie. 50% off!) from Monday to Friday!

The restaurant is also offering a special “create your own” 4-course menu at RM49.90nett per person for lunch and dinner. You get to select one soup, one fish/ poultry, one noodle, and one dessert, and you can also opt to add-on Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin’s line-up of signature dishes at special discounted prices! Really quite a bargain if you ask me!

The signature dishes that Chef Kin has prepared to accompany your Dim Sum meal or Set Menu are Mongolian lamb chop, Roasted chicken with fragrant minced garlic, Braised oxtail with garlic in casserole, Beef tenderloin with choice of sauces, Pan seared stuffed scallop, Sautéed shelled prawns with salted egg yolk and Peking duck. The full list of dishes in the Fantastic Feast menu and signature add-on dishes are at the bottom half of this story.

For now, let’s have a look at what Wei Leng and I got to try during our recent visit to taste both the dim sum spread and the Fantastic Feast.



Five happiness dim sum platter

Can’t decide what to have? Why not have five (5) different types all on one platter?



Emerald dumplings with scallops

One reason to eat this – SCALLOPS! The addition of bonito flakes was a surprise though, making this a sort of fusion Chinese/ Japanese dim sum.


Green dragon chive dumplings

I was pretty impressed by the thin translucent skin! I quite dislike places which have thick and chewy dim sum skins.



Golden yam puff

One of my all time favourite dim sum items. Crispy and overall pretty decent here despite it being a pork free restaurant.


Crispy mango prawns with thousand island dressing

I loved this one. Then again I’m quite biased towards deep-fried dim sum.




Wonton pouches in consommé

This was a very hearty and heart-warming soup indeed with its savoury and sweet flavours and generous number of wontons.


Fish/ Poultry

Stir fried duck with sesame oil & oyster sauce

I love a nicely cooked duck and quite remarkably this was my first time eating it stir-fried. A typical Chinese style dish that was topped with a mountain of mushrooms! This was actually a pretty well-balanced dish, with lots of earthy flavours coming from the duck and mushrooms, coupled with the richness of the sesame oil and the sweetness/ umaminess of the oyster sauce.



Pan fried Hong Kong egg noodle with enoki & chicken

Another dish that had a lot of mushrooms (enoki only this time) was the noodles, this time in combination with chicken. In fact there was so much mushrooms and chicken that we had to double-check to ensure that this was the noodle dish!


Signature dish (Add-on)

Pan seared stuffed scallops

This dish was an add-on signature dish that during the promotion only costs RM48.00 instead of RM88.00! Very worth it indeed!



Osmanthus pudding

A signature dessert at Dynasty Hotel that never fails to provide a sweet end to the meal.


Below is the full Fantastic Feast menu.


Fantastic Feast

Create your own 4-course set menu, select 1 item from each course

RM49.90nett per person (maximum 10 persons) and available for lunch/ dinner on WEEKDAYS ONLY



海鲜蟹肉羹 Assorted seafood & crabmeat broth

一品海味汤 Sun-dried seafood consommé

韭黄火鸭羹 Shredded duck broth with chives


Fish & Poultry

高汤鲜虾云吞 Wonton pouches in consommé

蚝皇麻油火鸭片 Stir fried duck with sesame oil & oyster sauce

葡京斑鱼片  Grouper fillet sautéed with Portuguese sauce

姜葱炒鱼片  Stir fried grouper fillet with spring onion & ginger

公保炒鸡柳  Sautéed chicken strips with dried chilli



鱼滑捞面线  Stewed mee sua with fish dumpling

海鲜高汤拉面 Seafood ramen in superior stock

金菇鸡球煎生面 Pan fried Hong Kong egg noodle with enoki & chicken

蜜汁鸡云吞麵 Cantonese wonton noodle with honey glazed chicken & vegetable



脆皮锅饼  Chinese pancake

花生芝麻枣 Signature glutinous balls coated with sesame seed

桂花糕  Osmanthus pudding

宫廷龟苓糕  Herbal jelly with honey


Chef’s Signature Value-Added Dishes

Mongolian lamb chop  RM38 (normal RM65)

Roasted chicken with fragrant minced garlic  RM38 (normal RM58)

Braised oxtail with garlic in casserole

RM38.80 (normal RM88)

Beef tenderloin with choice of sauces

RM40 (normal RM70)

Pan seared stuffed scallop

RM48 (normal RM88)

Sautéed shelled prawns with salted egg yolk  RM48 (normal RM88)

Peking duck

RM68.80 (normal RM168)

* The ‘Fantastic Feast’ is not valid with any other voucher, special promotions, membership card benefits or other discounts.

** Terms and conditions apply.


Dynasty Restaurant is located at:

Level 1, East Wing, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel,

Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang,

Kuala Lumpur.


Open daily for lunch from 12.00noon to 2.30pm and dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

Dim Sum breakfast is served from 9.30am to 2.30pm on Sundays and Public Holidays, dinner hours are 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

Telephone: 03 2771 6692



Thanks for “jio-ing” us!

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