The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s 30th Anniversary

Read about my review of the Japanese buffet brunch at Kogetsu Japanese Restaurant at the second half of this feature.


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The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur is set to mark its 30th Anniversary in April 2017. To commemorate the event, the hotel has put together a series of campaigns and promotional activities underlining the company’s unwavering commitment to continuously enhance its customer experience. Guests are able to enjoy a wide range of special 30th Anniversary offers in rooms, dining and spa segments as part of this great milestone throughout the whole month of April.

Having officially opened its doors to its first guests on April 6, 1987, the hotel has since played host to numerous high-profile and celebrity-studded events, such as the ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting Retreat 2015, Liverpool FC Kuala Lumpur Tour 2015, Malaysia XI vs Chelsea 2013, as well as co-hosting the Malaysian Open PGA Asian & European Tour in 2004, 2005, 2007 & 2009 and the recent Maybank Championship 2017, two of the most popular international golf tournaments held in Malaysia.

The hotel’s restaurants are among the city’s favourites, offering specialty dining such as the Japanese cuisine at Kogetsu, Italian flavours at Senja, Chinese dishes at Ti Chen, as well as premium steaks and local delights at Charcoal.

Exclusively on 6 April, guests can enjoy RM30 off for every RM100 spent at all dining outlets at the hotel. Other notable offers include a special RM30 discount for Kogetsu’s All You Can Eat Japanese Brunch Buffet every Sunday in April. Indulge in unlimited fresh sashimi, grilled meat dishes and more at only RM115 instead of RM145 per person. For the whole month of April 2017, house wines at all dining outlets are priced at a special reduced rate of RM30 per glass while RP Entertainment Centre offers a special 30th Anniversary Cocktail at RM30 per glass.

Those seeking a getaway with the family may benefit from the Room Category Upgrade for only RM30 (originally priced at RM70) throughout April 2017. Guests can also find ultimate relaxation at The Spa with two specially priced limited-edition treatments – 30th Spa Glow inclusive of a 10-minute Foot Ritual, 70-minute Massage and 30-minute Body Polish at RM300 per person as well as Serenity for Two, a 60-minute signature massage at RM333 for two persons.

Throughout April 2017, the members of the hotel’s loyalty programme – Lifestyle by Saujana – can also enjoy exclusive rewards. LBS Members celebrating their birthdays in April will receive a complimentary dessert when dining at Ti Chen & Charcoal while the Top 5 LBS Spenders in Kogetsu for the month of March will win a special “Wine & Dine” experience on 6 April. Other offers include the Afternoon Tea Set at a special price of only RM130 for two persons at The Lounge, The Club Saujana Resort. New LBS members who sign-up this April also get additional RM50 dining vouchers as part of the celebration.

To show appreciation to guests and friends for all the support received throughout the years, The Saujana Hotel is also taking this birthday bash to social media with #SaujanaTurns30 giveaways. Themed “Celebrating 30 Years With You”, the contest starts on 6 March and runs for 3 weeks. The hotel will offer weekly prizes to 3 lucky winners which include dining and stay vouchers. Further, the hotel is also giving away a free Garden Wedding and many other prizes worth over RM20,000 in value as part of the #SaujanaTurns30 Wedding Contest which runs from 6 to 30 April 2017.

The Saujana Hotel has also embarked on significant social endeavours through the Saujana Cares Foundation aimed at assisting charitable foundations and engaging both locals and travellers in helping the less fortunate. Projects include the Saujana Breakfast Club Programme which supplied healthy breakfast to local Trust Schools, partnering with Ana by Karma to support the underprivileged Bhutan community, and over 6 years of hosting charity projects for homes and orphanages during Ramadan and Christmas.

Speaking of The Saujana Hotel’s achievements, Peter Hourigan, VP of Operations, said, “Celebrating 30 years of service marks a key milestone for us as well as in the history of the hotel industry in Malaysia. We are proud that we have created a multi-award winning destination on its own, attracting guests from all over the world. This is an exciting year and momentous occasion for us as it celebrates a historic past and looks forward to demonstrate exciting new beginnings.”

Speaking of the All You Can Eat Japanese Weekend Brunch, here’s a look at the items on the menu:

All You Can Eat Weekend Brunch

11.30am to 3.00pm



Tsukidashi – Appetisers

EDAMAME (Green Soy Beans), POTATO SALADA (Mashed Potato Salad), WAFU SALADA (Fresh Green Salad), TSUKEMONO – (Japanese Pickle), Fresh Tomato and Cucumber Julienne, Assorted Japanese Appetizers – Vinegar Japanese Seaweed, Child Egg Omelette (4 Types)

Sushi & Sashimi – Fresh Raw Fish

MAGURO (Tuna), MEKAJIKI (White Tuna), SHAKE (Salmon), TAI (Sea bass), OCTOPUS (Tako),

SHIME SABA (Shime Saba), IKA (Cuttlefish),

EBI (Prawn), HAMACHI (Yellowtail), ANAGO (Sea Ell), UNAGI (Ell), TOBIKO (Fish Roe), TAMAGO (Sweet Egg)

Makimono & Temaki – Sushi Rolls and Hand Rolls

SHAKE KAWA MAKI (Salmon Skin Roll), URA MAKI (California Roll), TEKKA MAKI (Tuna Roll),

SHAKE MAKI (Shake Maki), SOFT SHELL TEMPURA MAKI (Soft Shell Tempura Roll)

EBI TEN MAKI (Prawn Tempura Roll), KAPPA MAKI (Cucumber Roll), CALIFORNIA TEMAKI (California Hand Roll), SHAKE TEMAKI (Salmon Hand Roll), MAGURO TEMAKI (Tuna Hand Roll)


Yakimono – Grilled Dishes

SHAKE SHIOYAKI (Grilled Salmon), SABA TERIYAKI (Grilled Mackerel), SANMA SHIOYAKI (Grilled Pike Mackerel), YAKITORI (Chicken Skewers), UNAGI KABAYAKI (Grilled Eel), GYU TERIYAKI (Beef Teriyaki), TORI TERIYAKI (Chicken Teriyaki), GYU SHOGAYAKI (Beef Sliced Ginger Sauce), SHAKE KAMA TERIYAKI (Grilled Fish Head Teriyaki), SHISHAMO (Grilled Pregnant Fish), IKA GESO SHIOYAKI (Squid Leg Grilled)

Agemono – Deep Fried Dishes

EBI TEMPURA (Prawns in Batter), SOFT SHELL TEMPURA (Soft Shell in Batter), TORI KARAAGE (Fried Chicken Cutlet), AGEDASHI TOFU (Bean curd in Batter), KAKIAGE ( Assorted Vegetables Fritters in Batter , KUSHI KATSU (Deep Fried Skewers in Dipping Sauce), SHIRAUO KARAAGE (fried White Bait),

SATOIMO AGEDASHI (Japanese Yam Taro in Batter)

Nimono – Simmered Dishes

NIKUJAGA (Stewed Beef Sirloin), CHAWAN MUSHI (Steamed Egg Custard), TAKENOKO TOSANI (Simmered Bamboo Shoot), BURI DAIKON (Stewed Yellow Head), SUJI NIKOMI (Simmered Beef Sirloin), SHIMEJI ABURAAGE NI (Simmered Bean curd Skin with Mushroom)

Teppanyaki – Iron Plate Dishes

GYU HIRE (Beef Tenderloin), WAKADORI (Chicken), SALMON (salmon), HOTATE (Scallop), EBI (Prawn), MOYASHI (Bean sprout), ENOKI (Straw Mushroom) , SHIMEJI (Clustered Mushroom), SHIITAKE (Black Mushroom), YASAI ITAME (Mixed Vegetables), YAKI UDON (Fried Udon), YAKIMEISHI (Fried Rice),

Menrui – Noodles

KITSUNE UDON or SOBA (Udon or Soba with Bean curd Skin), TEMPURA UDON or SOBA (Udon or Soba with Tempura), NIKU UDON or SOBA (Sliced Beef with Udon or Soba), ZARU UDON or SOBA (Chilled Udon or Soba), TENZARU UDON or SOBA (Chilled Udon or Soba with Tempura, CHASOBA (Cold Green Tea Flavor Noodles), HIYASHI SOMEN (Chilled Thin White Noodles)

Gohanmono – Rice Dishes

SAKE CHAZUKE (Rice Broth with Salmon), UME CHAZUKE (Rice Broth with Plum, TORI CURRY RICE (Chicken Curry Rice), MINI DONBURI (Rice served over Rice Dishes),

Suimono – Soup

MISO SOUP (Japanese Bean curd Soup), TAI SUMASHIJIRU (Snapper Fish Soup), NAMEKO JIRU (Pearl Mushroom in Broth), SHIITAKEJIRU (Black Mushroom in Broth)

Wagashi – Dessert

Seasonal Ice Cream: Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate, Seasonal Fruits, Basil Strawberry Chocolate Cake, Caramelized Walnut Cheese Cake, Chocolate & Green Tea Melting Cake

Almond Raspberry Tart, Green Tea Pannacotta, Lemon Grass Brule, Green Tea Rice Cake



Last weekend Renee and I decided to head over to try the lunch buffet at Kogetsu Japanese Restaurant in Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Kogetsu is a free-standing Japanese restaurant on the grounds of the hotel and located right beside the lake.


The interior of the restaurant. Get a window seat if you can as it overlooks the lake!

The view from our window table
The buffet here is actually a semi buffet style where you can help yourself to the buffet line which consists of appetisers, sushi and dessert while there’s a teppanyaki counter where you can select your meats and the chef there will cook it for you on the spot

The temaki aka handrolls are also made to order

At the teppanyaki station. Just selects your meat and pass it to the chef who will cook it for you.

Our scallops and beef tenderloin teppanyaki. So good that we had second helpings!
Next we ordered some items from the a la carte menu. Pictured above is the salmon sashimi.
Tuna sashimi
Chasoba (Cold Green Tea Flavoured Noodles)

Miso soup
TAI SUMASHIJIRU (Snapper Fish Soup)
TORI CURRY RICE (Chicken Curry Rice)
NIKUJAGA (Stewed Beef Sirloin)
Simmered tofu
SHISHAMO (Grilled Pregnant Fish)
SABA TERIYAKI (Grilled Mackerel)
TORI KARAAGE (Fried Chicken Cutlet)


I must say that the Japanese buffet at Kogetsu is really value for money looking at the quality of ingredients and variety of dishes available! I really loved the sashimi, teppanyaki (salmon, scallops and beef especially!), soft shell crab tempura, and grilled unagi! What’s even better is that you can take advantage of the RM30 discount per head during the month of April 2017!


For more info, head over to


The photos above were shot with the Panasonic Lumix LX10 using “Appetising Food” mode (which increases the overall brightness to make the food look more appealing) for the food shots, “Cute Dessert” mode (which increases the overall brightness to enhance the cuteness of the dessert) for the desserts, and “Silky Skin” mode (which gives a brighter face and softer skin colour for a healthy younger look – oh do girls just love this mode!) for the close-up photos of Renee.

Panasonic Lumix LX10

To find out more about the camera, head over to


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