Carlsberg’s CNY Launch 2017 & PAWS UP! “Woof of PAWS Street” Charity Cocktail


Carlsberg’s Chinese New Year 2017 Campaign Launch



Headed over to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 10 January, 2017 for the launch of Carlsberg Malaysia’s Chinese New Year promotions. This year’s campaign takes inspiration from the Mandarin pronunciation of rooster(鸡 jī), which bears the same pronunciation as ‘Opportunity’(机 jī ),  and Carlsberg seeks to wish all their customers a year filled with golden opportunities!

Carlsberg encourages consumers to see opportunities in all directions, striving for the best and never give up to seize all the world can offer. Carlsberg wishes those in the business world to venture into various business opportunities and prosper. Executives climbing the corporate ladder, students pursuing further education for self-enrichment, and better relationship with your loved ones, friends and family. 

The theme of the campaign (ie. opportunity) actually resonates personally with me as it was Carlsberg Malaysia who actually engaged me for my very first project and thus MHB became my fulltime business venture instead of just a bloggers social club. I was courageous enough to take up the opportunity, letting go of my 9 – 6 job and venturing into the unknown… and just last November MHB celebrated our 5th year as a company! So go on, take a leap of faith and seize that opportunity!

Anyway back to the Carlsberg CNY Campaign launch held at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur shopping mall. Awaiting us was a 6 feet tall ‘Golden Rooster’ icon formed by auspicious four Chinese characters处处生机 [chù chù sheng jī]. Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Lars Lehmann, officiated the campaign by tapping a pint of Carlsberg Smooth Draught beer (which is my new favourite Carlsberg variant!) after which the brand’s iconic hop leaf lighted up, spinning its weather vane at 360 degrees to bursts of confetti.




Charisse and Wei Leng
Charisse and Wei Leng


Wei Leng with Lynn the MC of the event
Wei Leng with Lynn the MC of the event


“Chinese New Year is a festive period that runs through our veins at Carlsberg Malaysia. With the introduction of our latest product innovation, Carlsberg Smooth Draught, that offers consumers the smooth sensation of a freshly tapped beer, we are sure that this brew will complement “Probably the Best Beer in the World – Carlsberg this festive season. Cheers to a year filled with golden opportunities,” shared Lehmann in his opening address.

“In conjunction with the CNY campaign, Carlsberg is rewarding our consumers more golden opportunities by offering shoppers with “Probably the Best CNY Shopping Experience’ where consumers shop, we pay”, he added.

Shoppers who purchase Carlsberg Malaysia’s products worth RM200 and above at 8 participating AEON and AEON Big outlets on 7, 8, 14 and 15 January 2017, from 12pm to 3pm will be able to participate in the “Weather Vane Digital Spin” and stand a chance to have their CNY groceries paid by Carlsberg, or walk home with other fabulous prizes.

The activation held over the weekend on 7 and 8 January 2017 received overwhelming participation of more than 670 shoppers over a 6-hour period in 2 days. Lucky 160 shoppers had their groceries paid for courtesy of Carlsberg. Look out for the last 2-day activation this weekend on 14 and 15 January 2017 if you’re looking for Carlsberg pays your CNY shopping bill.

Carlsberg is also running a nationwide consumer promotion across hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops and food courts from 3 January to 28 February 2017. Consumers who purchase three (3) big bottles of Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught will receive a deck of playing cards and stand a chance to win attractive bonus prizes such as Samsung Home Theatre System, Ogawa Handheld massager and many more!

Check out Carlsberg CNY’s activations and promotions at

Somersby Cider, which is under Carlsberg Malaysia, celebrates the CNY festivities with the Somersby ‘a twist of luck’ promotion. Using light hearted ways, Somersby Cider engages cider lovers who purchase any two (2x) 4-bottle pack or 6-can pack of Somersby Cider with ‘a twist of luck’ from the Somersby vending machine to capture a prosperous egg capsule and stand a chance to walk away with a branded camera worth RM 1,200, cash prizes or limited edition Somersby merchandises. Consumers who purchase any 4-bottle pack or 6-can pack of Somersby will also receive a Somersby Ang Pow pack. This activation runs on 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 and 22 January 2017.

For more information on Somersby Cider’s a twist of luck promotion, head over to

Photo credits: Carlsberg Malaysia, Andy Kho Photography ( and author’s own


With Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Lars Lehmann
With Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Lars Lehmann



Cheers to a year of opportunities!
Cheers to a year of opportunities!


PAWS UP! “Woof of PAWS Street” Charity Cocktail



Alice and I headed over to Ruyi & Lyn on 9 January 2017 for the PAWS UP! “Woof of PAWS Street” charity auction fundraiser. PAWS UP! is Malaysia’s first shelter community project spearheaded by two animal lovers Lyn and Amelia which aims to lend an extra hand to any animal shelter who are in need for an extra boost to raise awareness for the good work they do.

With 400-500 animals housed at PAWS Animal Shelter Malaysia, the founders of PAWS UP! got in touch with them to work on long term campaign. The cocktail evening encouraged “competitive compassion” where photographs went to the highest bidder and with bids ranging from Rm188 all the way up to RM5,000. Competition was pretty competitive for a few crowd favourites and at the end of the night, a total of RM15,000 in private donations and auction was raised for the animal shelter.







This second series featured 30 of man’s best friend shot by fashion and society photographer Kim Mun, whose works has graced many local as well as International magazines and also print commercials for Malaysia, China and Vietnam.  His back to basics style of photography, goes right to the heart of the subject he shoots thus bringing out their truest and most natural emotions which reveals in his works. His works often have an adventurous edge that is are often reflected in his works with a certain unexpected rock ‘n’ roll element to it.

“The approach for this shoot was to showcase the dogs in the most natural manner. No embellishments or props were needed. The spirit of the dogs was more than enough. Photographing the dogs was a great experience, the were lovable, playful and each and everyone of them had a unique personality that shone, you really couldn’t tell what to do you just had to connect with them!” says Kim Mun

“We were greatly encouraged by the turnout and generosity of the supporters in the first round and are equally appreciative of the efforts of PAWS UP! and their guests. RM15,000 does a long way in helping the shelter says Chia Ern Leong, Shelter’s Administrator, PAWS Animal Shelter Malaysia

“With RM15,000, we can get either 4,050kg of dog food or 1,935kg of cat food. With that amount of food we can feed all the dogs at the shelter for 81 days or all the cats at the shelter for 193 days!”

“We are encouraged by the support that PAWS UP! has been receiving and the traction we are gaining. However, we also hope to encourage more volunteers to join our independent community so that PAWS UP! will be able to expand it’s reach to help more shelters fulfill their needs. “says Amelia Lim, co-founder of PAWS UP.

She adds, “Animal shelter similar to PAWS Animal Shelter Malaysia can look to PAWS UP! as an additional hand or an external “agency” for branding or fundraising initiatives.

PAWS UP advocates “The Mutual Rescue” concept because they believe that rescued animals are more than just a pet. They are educators of life’s lessons: they teach honesty, loyalty and unconditional love. They hold an integral role in society as lifelong companions and therapists to the less fortunate.

“When we looked in the eyes of shelter animals, we can see hope and the unconditional love they just can’t wait to share, if only given the chance. We want to continue to be the voice of the voiceless simply because we can,” said Lyn Siew, co-founder of PAWS UP!

2017 sees PAWS UP!  looking to expanding its cause with bigger plans and beside advocating pressing issues such as the compulsory micro-chipping of pets nationwide, PAWS UP! is now on a lookout for a donated piece of land to run a self-sufficient mutual rescue animal shelter.


We got picked up in a limo to go over to Ruyi & Lyn for the cocktail
We got picked up in a limo provided by Extreme Limousines (which were a partner of the event) to go over to Ruyi & Lyn for the cocktail
Now this is the way to go to a party!
Now this is the way to go to a party!


Lots of ice cold Stella Artois awaiting us there
Lots of ice cold Stella Artois awaiting us there



Apart from photographer Kim Mun, The WOOF OF PAWS STREET was also supported by:-

·       Venue & Cocktail provided by RUYI & LYN (

·       Colorific Printers for all the prints

·       Paws Limo courtesy of EXTREME LIMOUSINES  (

·       Car Decalling by TOM’S STICKERS (

·       Beverage Sponsored by STELLA ARTOIS

·       Creative Work by Honey-Bae Design

·       Marketing, PR Support through GOBEAR MALAYSIA (

·       Valet Services of Parking Elite, BSC

·       Emcee Hosting by Adrian Jalaludin, TV Host & Actor (


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