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Saito Sake Dinner Featuring Michelin Starred Chef Yuichi Kamimura

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Lyssa and I headed over to Kogetsu Japanese Restaurant in Saujana Hotel & Resort on 20 October 2016 for the very exclusive launch of Saito Sake featuring a sake pairing dinner by Michelin Starred Chef Yuichi Kamimura. Chef Yuichi is the owner and chef of KAMIMURA – the iconic Michelin-starred French restaurant in Niseko, Japan.

There are over 2,000 breweries in Japan and the taste of sake varies as each prefecture or region has its own distinctive characteristics due to the country’s diverse climates. Individual breweries also possess their own traditions and techniques, which contribute to the unique personalities and aroma found in each brand of sake.

Saito Sake carries some of the best entries and middle-range sakes to some of the finest top graded premium sakes, and is fully imported from Kyoto Prefecture, Japan by Asiaeuro Wines and Spirits Sdn Bhd – the authorised distributor in Malaysia. Saito Sake’s brewing area is located in Fushimi, the southern part of Kyoto, a location that is blessed with abundant underground water.

The sake making process involves the usage of this excellent quality of water, specifically the balance of elements such as potassium and calcium that is of the perfect attribute and composition for making sake. Coupled with Kyoto’s climate, renowned particularly for its cold winters called “Sokobie”, it is the most ideal brewing area for producing one of the best sakes in Japan. These are factors that define the character and taste profile of Saito Sake; most importantly being smooth and clean.


Reaching there early, we got to try some Saito sake cocktails first before the dinner
Reaching there early, we got to try some Saito sake cocktails first before the dinner
We were treated to a Japanese geisha performance
We were treated to a Japanese geisha performance



Here’s a look at our exquisite 6-course Saito Sake pairing menu prepared by Michelin Starred Chef Yuichi Kamimura:





Flounder Sashimi Cured on Seaweed, Sea Urchin and Lemon

Paired with Saito Dry

Saito Dry is a clean and refreshing dry sake that can match with not only a variety of Japanese dishes but also Asian influenced dishes.

The pairing of the clean and dry sake with a rich ingredient like uni (sea urchin) was a match made in heaven! The sashimi and seaweed lent their flavours and textures to round out a truly wonderful dish which was but a taste of the rest to come that evening!

Such an awesome dish that it deserves another photo!



Marinated Crab Sashimi, Cauliflower,

Herring Roe and Konbu with Carrot Sorbet

Paired with Saito Dry

This dish was also paired with the Saito Dry which contrasted against the sweet crab flesh and the lovely umami taste of the konbu and herring roe. The surprise ingredient was the carrot sorbet with a surprising texture which added even more sweetness to the dish.


Chinese Cabbage and Soy Milk Soup

Paired with Saito Junmai

Saito Junmai (RPR: 70%) is a rich and dry Junmai sake with fruity aroma such as green apple. It is generally full-bodied and slightly acidic.

The cabbage and soy milk soup was a very heartwarming dish indeed made even more so by the rich Saito Junmai that complemented its flavours.


Grilled Salmon with Smoked Salmon Roe and Butter Powder

Paired with Saito Junmai

A piece of salmon grilled to absolute perfection – tender and juicy while retaining that lovely salmon taste. The smoked salmon roe and rich butter powder complemented it perfectly as did the Saito Junmai which lent some acidity to cut through the richness.


Chargrilled Wagyu Sirloin with Hashed Potato and Veal Jus

Paired with Saito Junmai Daiginjo

Saito Junmai Daiginjo (RPR: 50%) is brewed from Yamada Nishiki rice (“king of rice”), this premium sake is made with the finest fruity aroma such as pear. It is full-bodied, elegant and has richness in flavour with a gentle smooth finish.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the wagyu arrived. Tender and juicy, it went well with the Saito Junmai Daiginjo which is a really premium sake which was beautifully balanced and left a fruity aftertaste on my palate. Good thing this came out well into the meal as I don’t think I could have partaken of lesser quality sakes after this one.


Mango Sorbet with Cheese Mousse

Paired with Saito Junmai Daiginjo

A rich and piquant dish with hints of cheese – another beautiful pairing for the premium Saito Jumai Daiginjo.


We were surprised at the end with a serving of the Super Premium Junmai Daiginjo which was not on the pairing menu!

Saito Super Premium Junmai Daiginjo (RPR: 35%) is the ultimate premium sake, called “king of sake”, made with the finest mellow aroma and richness in flavour. It is also brewed from the highest grade of Yamada Nishiki rice.

They saved the best for last and it was really so good that one glass wasn’t enough. You can taste the quality with every sip which had a silky smooth consistency and depth of flavour even though it is a clean sake. A stunning end to a terrific meal!


Michelin Starred Chef Yuichi Kamimura
Michelin Starred Chef Yuichi Kamimura
He speak remarkably good English, having worked for many years in the West, and is a very humble and friendly chef! Quite surprising for someone of his calibre.




Calling it a night
Calling it a night


Saito Sake is available in selected Japanese restaurants/ bars as well as retail stores and supermarkets in Malaysia.

More info at http://www.asiaeurowines.com.my/


Thanks Saito Sake ana Asiaeuro for having us!
Thanks Saito Sake and Asiaeuro for having us!

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