Somersby Cider’s 2016 #ThatWeekendFeeling Campaign Launch




Veron and I headed over to Tavern 13 in Petaling Jaya on 3 August 2016 with MHB’s official photographer Andy Kho for the media launch of Somersby Cider’s 2016 #thatweekendfeeling campaign. The campaign is a series of activations that capture #ThatWeekendFeeling anytime, any day with the refreshing Somersby cider.

#ThatWeekendFeeling campaign was launched in 2015, and was well received by consumers, leading to the cider brand which is in Carlsberh’s portfolio of brews in Malaysia enjoying strong double-digit growth over the same period last year. Keeping up the momentum, Somersby launched the second phase of the campaign by unveiling its revolutionary drinking ritual – a fun and quirky drink called “Somerita”.

It is a drinking ritual which uses simple physics (playing with pressure) with a Somersby bottle literally served upside down over crushed ice. Where can you order one? Well the Somerita can now be enjoyed in selected modern bars and restaurants nationwide.


The Somersby Somerita
The Somersby Somerita


There is also a contest for fans where they can share their weekend feeling through a variety of fun filters on the Somersby microsite and stand a chance to win some prizes. The contest is currently running through to September, so head over to to share #ThatWeekendFeeling. The interactive tool allows fans to take fun photos, edit with fun filters and receive a GIF featuring their photos to share #ThatWeekendFeeling on social media.

The top three posts with the highest likes will win a party worth RM1,500 each in the month of August. For top 30 posts with the highest likes, Somersby will also be extending an exclusive invitation to them and four of their buddies to attend a one-of-a-kind fun-filled barbeque and food truck get-together session in the month of September.


At the event, we got to dress up our Somersby cider
At the event, we got to dress up our Somersby cider


Loaded my Somersby apple cider up with fruits and my Somersby blackberry cider up with ice cream creating a float!
Loaded my Somersby apple cider up with fruits and my Somersby blackberry cider up with ice cream creating a float!



“Natural, sweet and refreshing – Somersby gives you that familiar bubbly feeling you enjoy so much especially during the weekends. We are deliberately using light hearted ways to engage with our consumers because this is exactly what the brand stands for – fun and quirky. The concept is so simple, yet uplifting. So grab a few friends and chill with Somersby Cider anytime of the week – the shortcut to give you #ThatWeekendFeeling,” said Juliet Yap, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

We also got to try Somersby Blackberry cider, a variant introduced end last year as limited edition. The new variant is available in 330ml bottles, and is currently available in major supermarket chains. Somersby Blackberry has 4.5% alcohol content, and is fruity with a breadth of freshness and a mild taste of blackberry. Honestly my favourite variant is still Somersby Pear but Somersby Blackberry with ice cream is not bad! Another bit of news that was revealed to us is that Somersby Apple Cider (like Blackberry) is also now made available in 320ml can at 4.5% ABV, across major supermarket chains.

For more information on Somersby Cider, head over to or

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography ( and author’s own



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