The Glenlivet: A British Show


Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (14)


Evonne and I headed over to Jarrod & Rawlins in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur on 28 January 2016 for the The Glenlivet Guardians – A British Show. The Guardians of The Glenlivet is a global community of whisky lovers that has proven to be one of the most innovative consumer engagement programmes rolled out by brand and remarkably, this was the very first time that I was invited to join them.

The Malaysian chapter of The Guardians of The Glenlivet began in November 2013 and all members to-date are selected by invite only. The Glenlivet, the single malt that gives its name and purpose to this exclusive community, began the Malaysian chapter with 42 privileged Malaysian Guardians coming together in November 2013 to join thousands of other Guardians across the globe spanning 37 countries to vote for what will become The Glenlivet’s next limited edition bottle.

From November 2013 onwards, members got to enjoy some unique experiential events for The Glenlivet Guardians in Malaysia, on top of exclusive privileges and programme rewards with at least one unique event a month. To date, The Glenlivet has hosted over 40 private pairing events for the 800 strong community of  Guardians, with numbers growing each month.

The Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia is the country’s most active whisky society currently, and some of the much talked about whisky pairings events amongst the Guardians include the pairing of fresh oysters from around the globe – different flavours, sweetness and umami levels from Irish Premium, Sydney Rocks, Traghenna Bay – paired with The Glenlivet, blending different coffee beans in between sips of whisky, having a haircut and grooming tips while enjoying a dram at the world’s oldest barber, and learning about different cuts of a diamond while savouring canapes and whisky.

This time round was a pairing of some traditional British pub fare with The Glenlivet 12, 15 and 18.


Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (5)

English Feast – Canapés

The Gentlemen’s Relish (Anchovy Butter)

On Melba Toast

English Breakfast

Glenlivet 12

Smoked Salmon Tartar

Scotch Egg

Glenlivet 15

Pork Confit & Beetroot Relish

Black Pudding

Glenlivet 18

Plated Mini Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding & Roast Potatoes with gravy

Sweet End – Strawberries Drizzled with Chocolate & Cream


Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (7)

Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (8)

Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (10)
Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding & Roast Potatoes with gravy – my favourite!


Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (11)
Evonne and me with Benedict from Pernod Ricard Malaysia and Dennis from Jarrod & Rawlins
Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (16)
Who says women don’t know how to appreciate whisky?

Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (1)

Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (6)

Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (9)

Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (19)

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Glenlivet Guardians Malaysia (22)

Photo credits: Glenlivet Malaysia and author’s own

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