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Honor 7 Smartphone – Latest Flagship by Honor

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Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, recently launched its latest Huawei honor 7 smartphone in Kuala Lumpur.

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei and has been in the Malaysian market since April 2014. While Huawei smartphones target the more premium market, honor was introduced to meet the needs of Huawei’s younger consumers namely the ‘always on’ digital natives, a group that lives on the internet, spending one third of their time online for social and entertainment, shopping, studying or simply staying connected.

With that in mind, honor has a no-stores, no-gurus, no-contracts approach which is something very different in the mobile device marketplace, enabling customers to get the best technology at a great value price which holds quite to its tagline “Your unfair advantage”.

The new honor 7 is a fully metallic flagship smartphone that comes equipped with a host of innovative smart functions and multimedia capabilities that can be unlocked by using smart buttons and a gesture-enabled fingerprint reader.

Speaking at the launch, Allen An, Director of E-Commerce Malaysia, said: “Developed to make operating it as simple as possible, the honor 7’s solid performance will be a true reflection of user’s identity. Its multi-functionality enables digital natives – especially young working adults – to outperform their peers no matter if it is at work or leisure. Its smart and multimedia capabilities will also inspire action and creativity that will surprises everybody in their circles.”

“The device’s precise dimensions and metallic finish offer an optimal form-factor and premium feel, making it a highly reliable smartphone. All of these will allow digital natives to keep their competitive edge in today’s fast paced society,” An added.








The honor 7’s fully metallic body is air-brushed with a ceramic coating, offering a very premium look, while the device’s 5.2-inch encasing and well positioned buttons and sensors allows for ergonomic single-handed operation.

The honor 7’s frame-free metallic fingerprint reader allows for rapid 360-degree fingerprint authentication from various angles and even has a self-learning capability that allows scanning accuracy to be enhanced through the subtle re-recording of registered fingerprints during use. The reader also supports intuitive gesture control that enables you to answer calls to take photos.

The smartphone is powered by the HiSilicon octa-core Kirin 935 processor with its A53, 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM memory, ensuring that you can run the most resource intensive apps without a hitch. Its L-shaped circuit board keeps the device cool while Huawei’s Signal+ technology and a smart dual-antenna design allows for the networks with stronger signals to be found at 80-times the average speed of similar devices. The smartphone comes with a long-lasting 3,100mAh battery, which offers good standby and use times, and the device also has quick-charging* capabilities.

The honor 7’s rear camera is a monster 20MP camera, which is powered by a Sony IMX 230 sensor and honor’s PDAF fast-focusing technology that allows its f/2.0-aperture lens to capture vivid low-light-condition images. The 8MP front-facing camera comes with a wide-angle f/2.4 aperture lens and built-in LED flash which has an image enhancement capabilities and panorama feature, helping you to take selfies or groufies.




For those of you who love snapping photos of your food, the honor 7 has a Good Food mode that adjusts the colour to help you to take nice food shots. The device is also equipped with various filters and has the Huawei P8’s revolutionary light-painting capability through which users can construct vibrant artistic images.

The honor 7 was designed to redefine mobile Internet experiences, and thus offers smart capabilities aided in part by its smart key, an additional button placed on the left-side of the device that can be used for quick Google searches on-the-go. A really useful feature is the fingerprint reader on the back of the device which also functions as a camera trigger, enabling you to take selfies by just tapping their index finger on the fingerprint scanner in camera mode.

The honor 7 also comes with voice capabilities, such as the ability to be woken up with a designated command, like “Dear honor”. Follow that up with a “where are you” and the device will call the user to find out its location. Taking screenshots is also much easier with its knuckle-tap feature that allow you to tap the screen twice with your knuckles for an instant full-screen capture.

The honor 7 is also available in Mystery Gray.


My first thoughts is that this is one sleek and sexy flagship smartphone with its metal body and a great camera! There’s just no equivalent for the 20MP camera at this pricepoint at the moment so the honor 7 rules supreme in that department. There’s also the fingerprint scanner which is pretty useful and convenient for unlocking your phone. I have an honor 7 with me so look out for my product review in coming weeks.

The honor 7 is currently available in two colours, Mystery Gray and Fantasy Silver for RM1,399.00  at (*quick-charging charger sold separately).

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