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BTL Vanquish Me Treatment at Alainn Clinic (Part 2)

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Alainn Clinic is located conveniently in Kelana Jaya (the area behind Paradigm Mall) and has reserved parking lots of its customers right outside the clinic!


This post is a continuation from my first post about my visit to Alainn Clinic for the BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Me treatment which you can read here –

Due to my rather unhealthy lifestyle of too much food and beer over the past few years and lack of exercise, my belly has grown quite large but thankfully the nice folks at BTL Aesthetics and Alainn Clinic arranged a series of BTL Vanquish Me treatments to reduce the fat around my belly.

Earlier this year I attended the BTL Aesthetics Vanquish luncheon at Saujana here – where BTL Aesthetics highlighted their new BTL Vanquish Me system designed for body contouring. The system is the first non-contact, hands-free body contouring device in the market, which uses patented Selective RF technology,


Dr. Nurul explaining to me the science behind the BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Me system and how it works to target the fat cells
First up was to take the measurements of my belly area as well as my weight and body fat on a special weighing scale
First up was to take the measurements of my belly area as well as my weight and body fat on a special weighing scale


As I have quite a bit of belly fat and it’s pretty hard, I was required to go through a “pounding” treatment first intended to break up the fat cells so that the Vanquish treatment had a better effect.




It actually sounds worse than it feels. Not to say it’s a pleasant feeling when the machine is pounding your belly but it’s not a very unpleasant feeling either. 



Yups…7,000 shocks at 2.5bar at 14 shocks per second. This process took about 10 minutes. 



It left my belly a bit red but it went away after a few hours.



Then it was time for the BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Me treatment which lasts about 40 minutes. Most people require at least 4 to 6 sessions to see some real results. For me as I had a lot of fat to lose, I had to undergo six (6) sessions. The treatment is completely non-invasive and non-contact with no downtime and only minor side effects. For me I experienced some small lumps on my belly which was the dying fat cells clumping together before being flushed out of the body naturally. The lumps were slightly painful but only when pressed and they disappeared within a few days.



In my case, the technician cranked up the machine to just short of maximum for a greater effect. The machine does not touch the skin but rather sits about a 1/2 cm away. The RF waves then heats up the fat in my belly resulting in a warm sensation. In fact, after a while it does get rather warm all over after a while but nothing too intolerable. What’s good is that I got to watch a movie while doing the treatment so it wasn’t too boring.


So about 40 minutes later I was done and Dr. Nurul advised me to drink eight (8) glasses of water a day to help flush out the dead fat cells and also to do some light exercise. I have five (5) more sessions to go and in my next post about this treatment I will be explaining the science behind it so stay tuned.

By the way, I found out that actress Whoopi Goldberg also underwent the BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Me treatments as well.



Apart from the BTL Vanquish Me fat reduction treatments, there are also various other treatments/ services available at Alainn Clinic:



Alainn Clinic is located at:

J-G-5 Jalan SS7/26,

Park Lane Commercial Hub,

Kelana Jaya,

47301 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor, Malaysia.


Telephone: 03-78028099 or 0122710301

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 9.30am – 6.00pm.




More info on BTL Aesthetics at

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  1. Hi. May I know how much does it cost per session? Been thinking of going for it

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