Women: Interview with DJ Alexis Grace

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Recently, I caught up with my friend and “clubbing kaki” – 23 year old DJ Alexisgrace who I’ve known for a couple of years. DJ Alexisgrace has made quite a name for herself in the local circuit in the past two (2) years, playing in premier clubs in Kuala Lumpur such as PLAY at The Roof and Providence, as well as various clubs in Malaysia. Recently she’s also had gigs in various neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia as well as in East Asia.


TC: We’ve known each other for years, but for the benefit of my readers please tell us a bit about yourself.

Alexis: I am a female DJ from Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia. I started my career as a DJ since 2013 and have been labelled as one of the top 50 DJs in Malaysia, as well as #6 sexiest female DJ in Asia. I have a deep passion for music and I love the party scene.




TC:  Oh yeah you’re quite the party princess! I remember meeting you years back when you were doing freelance modelling jobs. How did you transition to become a DJ?

Alexis: While I was still in my modelling times, I attended an after-party event where David Guetta was spinning. It was then that I fell in love with EDM. Being a model, I had the opportunity to get to know many people from the DJ industry. I found their career very interesting and  was intrigued to learn to  become a DJ myself.


TC: What are some of the common misconceptions about female DJs?

Alexis: I personally feel many people think that being a DJ is such an easy job and all we have to do is just press play then look cool and press buttons some buttons here and there. I would  like to clarify that’s not  the case at all. Being a DJ is not as simple as just  looking good and pushing a  few buttons. To become a good  DJ, we have to constantly do a lot of research and  preparation on music mashup, stage performance reference,  songs update etc. etc. and yes I do arrange my own set.




TC:  Who inspires you and how to you pump up a crowd?

Alexis: I’m very inspired by Melbourne Bounce and trap DJs  such as Will Sparks and Jack  U. I feel that their showmanship and song  selections are very  outstanding and they never  fail to pump up the crowd  during their performances. I often try to put myself in the shoes of party-goers and ask myself how a DJ could make my night more fun and  happening.

TC:  You have played in many cities in South East Asia. I’m sure the crowd is very varied. How do you adapt to that?

Alexis: Yes the crowd in different countries have differing taste in music. However, speaking from  personal experience, I can see that EDM is widely accepted and enjoyed by  people in most cities and the EDM scene is definitely growing day by day.




TC:  Which song/songs best  describes you?

Alexis: Bitch better have my money! $$


TC:  If you had the chance to  collaborate with any musician  past or present, who will it  be?

Alexis: Justin Bieber, he is my favourite now. LOL [TC: Somehow I don’t quite believe her…]




Tc: Do you get a lot of male fans coming up to you for photos and autographs?

Alexis: Yes, I do have a lot of male fans as well as supporters whom always appear during my events. I recalled a few of my fans in which i had autographed on them more than once LOL. Guess which is the weirdest body part that I autograph on before? Abs and upper ass! Some even had my photo printed on their T-shirt.


TC: What is “sexy” to you and do you see yourself as sexy?

Alexis: To me sexy is 100% attitude. Sexy is not thinking you are sexy, acting arrogant and  flaunting what you have, it’s not how thin or built you are,  how much make up you wear, your style of clothing, or  really anything that can be physically altered. It is a confidence and personality  trait that defines you. It can be found in the way you talk and the way you walk. Generally I find sexy is not how a person looks but the way they “are” and carry themselves. It’s like how I can sexy by eating noodles, wearing sweat pants and watching SpongeBob. LOL



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Images courtesy of DJ Alexisgrace.


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