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I’m a big fan of James Bond and have watched pretty much every single Bond movie there is. I was fortunate enough to catch two (2) previews – the media preview in IMAX and then the Land Rover preview at Pavilion KL.


With Michelle (my partner in crime for the night!), "James Bond" and pretty Aileen Tan in the mask at the Land Rover premier of SPECTRE at Pavilion KL
With Michelle (my partner in crime for the night!), “James Bond” and pretty Aileen Tan in the mask at the Land Rover premier of SPECTRE at Pavilion KL


While Skyfall was a celebration of 50 years of Bond and had tributes to the previous Bond movies, SPECTRE is more like a wrap up of the previous Bond films starring Daniel Craig who I deem as the best Bond since Sean Connery. The directing and storyline of the Daniel Craig Bond movies, from Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and SPECTRE is consistent and builds upon the previous (Daniel Craig Bond) movies unlike the other Bond movies (there was a certain degree of consistency and continuity in the Sean Connery and Roger movies but not much).

I’m not going to bore you with the movie details. You can check out the movie’s official website for more info and I’ve put the link at the bottom of this post. I liked it. It’s one of the better Bond movies. M, Q and Moneypenny get more screentime in this outing which is nice. 

There are three (3) Bond girls – an exotic Mexican beauty, the classic beauty played by the older but still very sexy Monica Bellucci, and the pretty young thing played by Lea Seydoux who somehow gets more and more beautiful throughout the movie.

The action is intense and if you know SPECTRE (the evil organisation) from the old movies, you’d appreciate how the producers remained true to the description of the evil villain who is James Bond’s biggest nemesis.

Watch SPECTRE in IMAX if you can. 

Now here are some movie stills. (Click on the individual images to open a larger version.)


Here are some photos from the shooting locations including Austria and Rome.


Below are photos from the premier in London which had Prince William and Princess Kate grace the event.


SPECTRE opens in Malaysian cinemas on 5 November 2015.

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  2. haven watch this movie yet but i heard that it is a great movie.


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