lapalette 2015 Collection


Popular Korean label lapalette, known for its whimsical and artisanal handcrafted vintage bags, debuted their new season in Malaysia with its signature bold and colourful style. The brand’s French name which translates to “The Palette”, and the new collection features new lines and collections to cater to every occasion. The collection serves as an everyday palette of fashion and style with a contemporary twist of art.

In the late nineties, K-pop influenced fashion took the world by storm riding on it’s “hallyu wave”. Traditionally, Korean culture places almost impossibly high expectations on immaculate grooming and an impeccable sense of dressing but the post-modern fashion liberation saw people experimenting on the expression of self through fashion and the result is edgy, avant-garde yet classic. 

A favourite among Korean pop stars and celebrities like Yoon Jin Yi, Um Ji Won, and Song Ha Yoon, they have also been seen on the shoulders of singers and musical girl groups like Girl’s Generation and Girl’s Day. It is a popular fixture in fashion spreads and magazines such as Ceci, Nylon and Vogue Girl. Charming and elegant, lapalette is in a class of its own with its “art meets fashion” ethos that produces a masterpiece in every bag. Boasting its trademark horse-emblem motif, every bag is inspired by delicate handcraft ornaments and vintage collections such as wooden dolls and musical instruments, skilfully blending the value of art and classics with functionality and statement.

The long-standing, best-selling line of lapalette is the “Cupcake Collection”. In collaboration with Hong Kong based designer Joe Lau who has created over 50 styles through the CUPCAKE Collection, the essence of this collection is unique, fun and artistic with detailed workmanship. This season, the Cupcake Line is rolling out the New Original Horse Backpack as the season’s must have. The gold metal zip and colour combination will definitely grab attention. The New Original Horse Backpack comes in grey, coral and blue and is priced at RM880.00.

The Original Horse Nylon Shopper Bag was created for the casual and trendy fashionistas. It is a simple bag that comes in vibrant and vivid colours of orange, pink, brown and blue, it is light, easy-to-carry and multifunctional with generous storage space. It comes at a reasonable, budget friendly price of RM600.00.

The “Rachel Line” is a new metal series with exquisite bars adorning the bag. This is a prestige line with customized gold metal bars arranged as its horse emblem motif, retaining the classic design with a touch of luxury. The Rachel Mini Cross Bag and Rachel Medium Tote Bag are available in this collection as a practical item for crossover looks from formal to casual. Both bags are available in coral and blue and are priced at RM880.00 and RM1,050.00 respectively.

The “Dorothy Line” features a minimalist but edgy look. It is harmonized with lapalette’s iconic “Lucky Horse” motif and the zip details, studs, color combination all give accents to the back to basics form of what captured the hearts of many in the first place. It is perfect for the slightly adventurous seeking a simple bag fused with a taste of classy modern punk. The Dorothy Mini Bag is available in coral, yellow, blue and black at RM625.00 while the Dorothy Backpack is available in black, brown, coral and blue at RM825.00.

The premium line of lapalette is the “Most”collection. This collection aims for timeless quality and design made from expensive leather. Each bag in this collection boasts an embossed metal Neptune logo. In the 2015 New Collection, MOST goes big on geometric shapes with the MOST Cubic Mini Bag and MOST Cubic Tote Bag sporting clean and symmetrical lines. Both bags are available in coral and blue and are priced at RM900.00 and RM1,100.00 respectively.


Continuing the iconic architectural cubic shapes in the MOST collection, the newest line in this collection is the “Nouveu Cubic Line” which sees a new metal embossed Neptune logo. The bags in this collection are contemporary looking with a luxury feel. The Nouveu Cubic Trio Mini bag comes with a detachable chain strap that can instantly transform it into a mini bag as well as a clutch bag for a more formal evening look. It is available in black, khaki and wine at RM740.00.

The Nouveu Cubic Mini Bag which can be used as a Mini Bag has a center compartment that comes with a zipper and magnet lock for added security, giving peace of mind while the stud detail at the bottom increases the durability and life span of the bag. This bag comes in rich and luxurious colours like burgundy, black and khaki and are priced at RM880.00.

The larger Nouveu Cubic Tote Bag which can hold files or tablets comes in the same colours as the Mini Bag and is priced at RM1,080.00.

And from the same collection, is the lapalette “Celina Line”, inspired by one of the current faces of lapalette – Krystal from K-POP Girl Group F(X) and star of Korean Drama “My Loveable Girl” (the other muse for lapalette is Krystal’s sister, former Girl’s Generation star, Jessica). The Celina Mini bag is made of soft textured cow leather, giving it a natural and casual look, and is a seasonless and versatile daily bag that can complement every look from casual to chic office, besides being highly functional and durable with a good grip top handle, an adjustable strap and studs at the bottom. It retails at RM935.00. The Celina Backpack shares the same unique and sophisticated design with top-notch quality and Black Nickel Plated metal studs detail, and retails at RM1,190.00.

All lines and collections are available at lapalette’s counter at Robinsons Department Store, The Gardens, Mid Valley or on their e-store at

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