A Tribute to Mothers


My relationship with my mother has been patchy at best for the last 10 years or so. It’s not that I don’t love her it’s just that we seldom see eye to eye on anything. She’s extremely stubborn and narrow-minded while I’m quite the opposite so disagreements occur pretty regularly. 

I was the only child and grandchild for 10 1/2 years before my brother came along. Because of that I was pretty much the centre of attention and even more so as my mom was a housewife. During my primary and even secondary school days, my mom would be up every morning preparing breakfast and a sandwich for recess without fail. 

After my brother was born, the attention was split between us and as I was going through my secondary school years I was quite relieved at the lessened attention which gave me a chance to be more independent (something which my brother would not learn until he entered college as he was quite babied and pampered by my mother ha ha!).

As a housewife, my mom would take care of me and my brother and never failed to neglect us. From everyday chores like washing and cleaning and sending my brother to kindergarten and later school, no job was too big or small for her. 

I was very blessed to actually get to know and spend time with all four (4) of my grandparents. I was particularly close to my paternal grandparents who lived just 10 minutes away from my house, but of course I also treasured the moments when my family would go to Penang once or twice a year to visit my maternal grandparents and my relatives there.

My maternal grandmother would always warmly welcome us, and tell us lots of interesting stories, as well as encourage us to believe and put our faith in God. She was truly a very pleasant person and made everyone around her feel very comfortable and welcome. Unfortunately both she and my maternal grandfather were called to heaven a few years ago but I will always treasure the memories of times with them.

My paternal grandfather was also called to heaven some years back leaving only my paternal grandmother still with us. She was one who also (along with my grandpa) looked after me quite a bit when I was young, and she together with my grandpa would drive me to tuition classes once a week, and together with my aunt (who also dotted on me a lot) spent time with me on weekends. I’m very blessed that she’s still with us and I do treasure her a lot.

No family or person is perfect but I know my mom tries her best to care for the family even though I seldom agree with her views or methods. So this Mother’s Day, let us take the time to reflect on the sacrifices of the mothers in our lives, and more importantly thank them for all they have done.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s a little tribute to mothers everywhere.


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