Food Review – “A Taste of Padang” at Essence, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur




Headed over to Essence in the Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel on 2 October 2014 for the launch of the restaurant’s special “A Taste of Padang” menu. Padang food originates from the city of Padang, and is the cuisine of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Padang food is famous for its rich flavours of rich coconut milk and spicy chili, and is popular in Indonesia and the region.

The Sheraton Imperial KL flew in two (2) guests chefs from Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers. Chef Yulie and Chef Bayu both hail from Surabaya, Indonesia, and will be spearheading ‘A Taste of Padang’ buffet promotion at Essence.







The buffet featured both local and international dishes, but the highlight of the evening was of course the 20 specially prepared Padang dishes:


  • Gado-gado Gulung
  • Semar Mendem
  • Kalio Ayam



  • Gado-gado Padang
  • Lumpia Bukit Tinggi
  • Martabak Daging Cincang






  • Sup Buntut
  • Soto Padang
  • Rendang Daging Sapi
  • Ayam Goreng Balut Telur
  • Ikan Masak Tempoyak
  • Gulai Nangka Muda
  • Balado Telur
  • Gulai Tunjang
  • Sate Ayam Bumbu Kacang
  • Sambal Lado Hijau
  • Sambal Petai Balado
  • Daun Singkong Padang


  • Ronde
  • Getas




Also at the launch were VIPs H.E Mr Hendra Satya Pramana – Minister Counselor of Economics and Prof. Dr. Ir. Ari Purbayanto – Attache of Education & Culture of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur. The opening ceremony was conducted by the chefs serving the Nasi Tumpeng, which is a cone-shaped rice dish like mountain with its side dishes. People in Java, Bali and Madura usually make Tumpeng to celebrate notable events. The shape of the rice also represents the physical geography of the region, which is fertile with many mountains and volcanoes. In many ceremonies where Tumpeng is served, the top of the rice cone is cut first and given to the guest of honor.


We were treated to Tarian Piring (also known as Plate Dance), a traditional dance from West Sumatra, which was performed by the Indonesian School of Kuala Lumpur. The dance showcased dexterity and balance by having porcelain or ceramic plates on dancers’ both open palms as they performed vibrant choreographies that involved swaying of plates in their hands. In the past, the dance symbolized the gratitude of the people to the God, which was performed as a ritual during the harvest season. Today, it is more often performed to welcome guests at special events.

Of course there are loads of other dishes to go along with your meal. Click on the individual photos to open a larger version.


The freshly made satay was very popular among guests!




There’s also a whole variety of desserts available for you sweet tooths! I was most intrigued by the big coffee grinder at the centre of the dessert showcase.


Out of all the dishes the most outstanding to me was the Soto Padang and the Rendang Daging Sapi. Most of the dishes were spicy and flavourful with some quite rich from the coconut milk. A nice change from the usual fare you get at hotel buffets so if you’re the adventurous eater and can eat Malay food, I suggest you give this a try!


The promotion is available through 31 October 2014 and selected Padang dishes are featured during breakfast, lunch and dinner at Essence.

Price (food only):

RM60.00++ per person for buffet breakfast

RM82.00++ per person for buffet lunch 

RM98.00++ per person for buffet dinner


SPG members can enjoy 20% discount off total food bill, and can earn triple Starpoints® on dining Mondays through Thursdays by spending USD 50.00 or above at Essence until 30 December 2014. Register online at by 30 November 2014 to get your rewards.

Maybank, UOB and CIMB card holders can enjoy special privileges while dining at Essence (terms and conditions apply).


Essence is located at


Jalan Sultan Ismail,

50250 Kuala Lumpur,



Tel: 03-2717 9900


For more info head over to




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