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Huawei Flagship Store Launch at Suria KLCC

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Huawei Device Malaysia officially launched its third flagship store in Malaysia at Suria KLCC. The outlet is located at Lot 316A on the third floor of the shopping centre and provides consumers a first-hand brand experience of the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer.

The store will offer a wide range of Huawei products, including the Huawei Ascend P7 smartphone and MediaPad X1, amongst their other current smartphones, mobile broadband and home devices.


In conjunction with the store opening in Malaysia’s most iconic building, Huawei is offering the Twin Tower, Twin Promotion. The first 100 Twins, Triplets or Quadruplets who purchase a Huawei Ascend P7, Huawei X1 7.0, Huawei Ascend G6 or Huawei Ascend G750 from the store, from 16th – 20th July 2014, are entitled for the “buy 1 free 1 or buy 1 free 2” promotion.*

*This promotion is standalone and is not applicable in conjunction with other Huawei promotions. Other terms and conditions apply and while stocks last.

Click on the individual photos below to view a larger version.

Gary Xu, Country Director for Huawei Consumer Business Group in Malaysia spoke at the opening ceremony of the store earlier today. He said, “At Huawei, we strongly believe that affordability and brand experience should not be mutually exclusive. Our flagship stores personify this belief. We are very excited to be one of the first Chinese high-tech companies to open a store in KLCC, a renowned landmark in Malaysia.”

“When we first started to sell our own branded handsets two years ago, Huawei is unknown to most of the consumers. Thanks to the support from our customers, high quality of our phones and the team’s dedication, our business has changed significantly. Today we are very proud to reach the milestone to open our own flagship store in Suria KLCC. With more points of sale, a stronger network, and many more devices, it has been a truly exciting journey. Today’s event is an indication of how far we have come and our commitment to keep delivering in Malaysia.”

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CDM25 Incident

[Community/ Social Issues]

Kiki from the CDM25 video being interviewed on Hitz.FM


At Honda Jazz launch in KLCC yesterday morning, my fellow media friends were abuzz talking about the CDM25 video and asked me if I watched it. Unfortunately I was pretty busy that morning and didn’t have the time to check my Facebook newsfeed therefore I didn’t see it until I got home late in the afternoon.

So I watched the video and got rather cheesed off at the lack of courtesy shown by people these days and even more so towards the end when Kiki muttered some racist remarks. Anyhow as she was getting quite a lot of bashing online I decided that she got what she deserved and didn’t think much of the matter until this afternoon when there was an uproar online as three of the country’s main radio stations under AMP Radios (Astro) namely ERA FM, My FM and Hitz.FM decided to host Kiki in the studio.

Now I don’t know the intention of the stations for hosting her and looking at Hitz.FM’s Facebook page it looks like the DJs were trying to highlight cyber-bullying. The majority of netizens however, seemed to think that the stations were trying to ride on the issue for some cheap publicity and were making their feelings known by leaving some unpleasant comments on the respective stations’ Facebook pages and even calling for a boycott of the said stations.

From a public relations standpoint, I don’t think the negative publicity generated is good for the stations. I know some people will say that even bad publicity is good publicity however I don’t think a brand held in a negative light will stand to gain anything.

Thus we have some questions we need to ask ourselves:

Is it right to give publicity to people who have acted in such an unbecoming manner like Kiki in the video even though the intention was to highlight cyber-bullying?

What contributed to her behavior and outburst? Education? Upbringing? Friends? Influence from the media?

As sociologists believe that people are the product of socialization (yes I studied sociology back in college, a subject that I found quite fascinating), is Kiki’s behaviour the product of the values and norms that society has imparted onto her?

If so do we have a bigger problem on our hands with the lack of courtesy, manners, rudeness, self-centeredness, and racism becoming the norm among the younger generation?

As racial tensions have been rising recently due to racist remarks and organisations going unpunished by the authorities, is this only the surface of what we can expect in the coming years? After all, Kiki’s car was not badly damaged but was just scratched. Was the outburst due to racial hatred more than anger over the accident? Does Kiki’s racist statement give a clue to that theory?

The car was Kiki’s “birthday reward to herself and it was not easy to build up her company” and she sees the car as her achievement. Did materialism also play a part in this incident? Did Kiki react in such a manner as someone damaged her material possession? Is your car or material possessions worth more than your dignity and honour so much so that you can forego your ethics and manners to punish someone who you perceive to have wronged you?

Have we lost our value of filial piety which is at the core of most Asian cultures? Is Western media to blame for this?

Is it cyber-bullying when people stand up to rebuke and reject such behaviour? Or should we have an apathetic/ tidak apa approach to the situation so that society doesn’t need to address these types of issues? It’s easy to turn a blind eye. It’s much harder to address an issue and take affirmative action…

Tough questions indeed…

Anyway Fly FM managed to get both sides of the story, do listen with a pinch of salt.



I am glad to hear though that the people at the scene protected Uncle Sim from a possible assault from both Kiki and her father. Not the best example of good parenting I dare say. What did I say about upbringing again? Bapa borek anak rintik?

Well one lesson we can learn about this incident is that love can conquer hate and I take my hat off to Uncle Sim for not pressing charges or reacting in anger. If only there were more people like him in Malaysia.

Wishful thinking?

Well it’s not going to happen if we don’t start treating each other with courtesy and respect.


Nice to see some brands reacting positively too, with DiGi offering to pay for the damages to Uncle Sim’s car as part of their #30haribaik campaign. I’m surprised that Nando’s hasn’t come up with something yet as their PR is usually quite fast to come up with a witty statement when such issues arise.

Oh and in case you’ve been living in a bubble or under a ” tempurung” or on another planet the past few days, here’s the video that sparked off the whole incident.


At the end of the day, my point is that we should treat each other with COURTESY, RESPECT AND KINDNESS.

We are Malaysians and I believe we are capable of doing so.

Don’t be an intolerant and mindless product of the system who reacts with “I cannot control my self” and “I just want to hit him at that time”.

We’re better than that…

Oh and Kiki, please return Uncle Sim’s steering lock.



MAS Reports Lost Contact with MH17
MAS Reports Lost Contact with MH17


Very disheartened to hear that Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. I do hope the perpetrators will be brought to justice swiftly.

No more fighting over who can use Allah, we must all together as one nation pray for God’s grace and mercy in this time of loss!

Thoughts and prayers with the families and friends of those on board MH17.

I also feel for the MAS employees, cabin and flight crews who must be very demoralised by yet another tragedy. We appreciate your hard work and professionalism. Stay strong.

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