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First Look – Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

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Lenovo has been pretty aggressive in the Malaysian and international market recruiting the likes of actor Ashton Kutcher, and basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, who both are well known and instantly recognisable personalities. Recently, I had the opportunity to review the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 (there’s also a 10″ version in the market) which was launched earlier this year. 

As you can see in the photo above, the contents of the box are pretty much the essentials, which is good. You get the tablet (of course), the charger which uses a micro-USB slot, the quick start guide, and the basic instruction manual (the full manual can be obtained online on the Lenovo website).



Yoga – what an odd name for a tablet. That’s what I thought until I discovered the aluminium kick stand which enable the tablet to stand up by itself without the need for case. This mode is great when you have a hard and level surface and this mode is most useful when you’re watching videos and don’t need to have much interaction with the tablet.



This is the tablet in tilt mode which is great when you need to type and have the screen comfortably facing you instead of a normal tablet which is lying flat on the table/ surface.



This is the hold mode and this is where the unusual design of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 comes to play. You know how when you’re reading a magazine and you roll up one side so you can hold it with one hand and have the other hand free? Well this concept is applied to the tablet and I immediately noticed that it’s much more comfortable to hold than normal flat tablets (which have the flat slate design). The unusual “spine” (which is like the spine of a book/ magazine) is put to good use containing the huge battery (Lenovo claims the tablet can be used up to 18 hours to browse the web using WiFi), the dual front facing speakers equipped with Dolby® Digital Plus enhancement, and the rear 5MP camera.

I think this mode is great for reading e-books and other reading materials as it mimics what you’re already accustomed to. Also your thumb and forefinger won’t get fatigued so easily as compared to holding normal (flat) tablets.



The tablet looks pretty stylish with its polycarbonate textured back cover (which is scratch resistant) that looks like metal giving it a very premium feel, and feels smooth to the touch.



There are only two (2) physical buttons namely the power button, and the volume button which is pictured above near the 3.5mm audio jack. Next to the volume button is the mic in case you ever decide to use the tablet to make calls. I think it’s more practical to use the tablet to make Skype calls rather than normal phone calls.




The tablet booted up in seconds and this is the home screen. In fact the Android Ui has been adapted and simplified so that all the apps are actually on the home screen rather than the typical app panel. The screen is pretty sharp and the performance is enough for most users. The screen is viewable from a wide angle thanks to the in-plane switching (IPS) technology meaning that you can view it clearly and comfortably even though you’re sitting at the side and not directly in front.

I will be revealing the technical specs in my next post but if you can always find out more at

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 has a suggested retail price of RM999.00 and comes with a free folio case (see the photo below) to protect your tablet.





Father’s Day Specials at Impiana KLCC Hotel



Impiana KLCC Hotel is preparing a delightful hi tea buffet spread at Tonka Bean Cafe, on 15 June 2014, Sunday at 12.30pm to 4.00pm in conjunction with Father’s Day!

Look out for a special selection of dishes especially prepared for the occasion including a Deluxe Selection of Sashimi with Japanese Condiments, Roasted Chicken Platter with Melon Balls, Asparagus and Chicken Slices Salad, New Potato Salad, Beef Tenderloin, Chicken Burger, Beef Ribeye, Chicken Breast, Salmon Steak, Jumbo Bratwurst, Tiger Prawns & Squid, Penne with Tomato Sauce & Chicken Sausage, Honey Glazed Sea bass with Mushroom & Leek Ragout, Marinated Chicken cooked with Mushroom and Olive, Mashed Potato with Onion Rings, Century Eggs Porridge with Shredded Chicken & Condiments, Sago and Melon in Coconut Milk, Chocolate Éclair, Assorted Fruit Tartlet and many more.

Among the exciting activities for dad are:

  • Mystery gifts for Dad
  • 10 minutes head & shoulder massage for Dad by Swasana Spa
  • DIY Chocolate Cigar and Edible Tie for Dad
  • Mingling clowns and sand art station by Jelly and Frenz for the kids
  • Live band entertainment by Harmony and Rhythm
  • Family activities – FREE family snapshot
  • Lucky draws

Father’s Day High Tea is priced at RM78.00++ (adult) and RM39.00++ (child 6-12 years old ) Kids below 6 years old enjoy FREE meal!

For dining reservations, please call 03-21471111, extension 3034 or 3035.

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