Stoli Gets Social Launch Party


Patricia K with a friend

Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary company of Carlsberg Malaysia) had their “Stoli Gets Social Launch Party” on 3 April at Mango’s Tropical Café along Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Luen Heng F&B is the official sole distributor for international brand Stolichnaya® Premium Vodka (aka Stoli®) for Malaysia and launched the local chapter of Stolichnaya’s social media campaign.

Stoli’s presence on social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and will be providing the most updated information and activities to Stoli consumers. They will also serve as a platform for fans around the world to get together to share their experiences with Stoli and even a recipe or two for making the perfect cocktail drink with Stolichnaya vodka.


Stoli® Premium
Vodka Lime is one of my favourite vodka cocktails and never fails to perk me up after a long day!

Stolichnaya® is a premium vodka with its origins in the Tambov region of Russia. Stolichnaya’s ultra-modern Talvis distillery is located on its own wheat farms, and produces the highest quality of Alpha spirit. Stolichnaya traces its origins back to the dawn of the 20th Century, becoming the brand we know in 1940s Soviet Russia, and since then has journeyed into space on board Soyuz 19, pioneered flavoured vodkas in the 1970s, and has been mixed into cocktails for some famous actors and the greatest presidents.

Today, Stolichnaya is the 5th biggest international vodka brand in the world, and carries a range of over 20 variants.


Stoli® Premium, Stoli® Salted Karamel™, elit™ by Stolichnaya, Stoli® Chocolat Kokonut™, and Stoli® Chocolat Razberi™ (L-R)

Miss World Malaysia 2013 Lee Yvonne with Jasmine
Miss World Malaysia 2013 Lee Yvonne with Jasmine
We had shots of all the different Stoli variants that night!
We had shots of all the different Stoli variants that night! The girls really enjoyed the flavoured Stoli variants while us guys savoured the quality and smoothness of elit™ by Stolichnaya® which is Stoli’s flagship variant.
Russian girls to promote a Russian vodka of course!
Russian girls to promote a Russian vodka of course!


The gorgeous Patricia K was the MC for the night
The gorgeous Patricia K was the MC for the night


We got to try elit™ by Stolichnaya® which was introduced in 2003 and is the flagship variant of Stolichnaya. The vodka’s creation marked the inception of the world’s ultra-luxury vodka category, and is recognized internationally for outstanding quality. For the final stage in its crafting, elit™ by Stolichnaya® undergoes a unique freeze-out filtration process which is inspired by the old Russian tradition of leaving casks of vodka outside in plummeting winter conditions. The liquid is chilled to exactly -18°C, binding final impurities together, and at this temperature the liquid densifies and moves slowly through ion-charged carbon filters, leaving a pure liquid full of character. The vodka is then returned to the ambient temperature unhurried, and in doing so, acquires its flawless clarity and density.

Follow Stoli on their social media platforms:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/StoliMalaysia

Twitter – @StoliMY)

Instagram – #StoliMY


That night was also Andy Kho’s birthday and we threw a little surprise celebration for him!


Photo credits: Andy Kho (http://andykho.com) and author’s own both using the Sony Alpha 5000.

More info on the camera at http://bit.ly/1eLboU1


#sonymalaysia #sonyalpha5000




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