Remy Martin

Remy Martin – The Heart of Cognac Experience


Oooh Remy Martin! The name is familiar as during Chinese New Year and special occasions I get to drink some of these fine champagne cognacs so it was with much excitement that Naomi, Andy, Michelle, Elaine, Grace and myself headed over to Maison Francaise on 21 October 2013 for the Remy Martin – The Heart of Cognac Experience.

Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has been making some really quality cognac and is the only company which uses exclusively rare grapes from the most sought-after vineyard of Grand and Petite champagne, the two best growth areas of the Cognac region. It has been recognised for its superior quality as a Fine Champagne Cognac by Appellation D’Origine Controlee, a certification officially granted by the French Government. In fact 80% of all the Fine Champagne Cognac is produced by Rémy Martin.

The “Heart of Cognac Experience” was an exclusive opportunity, for guests to explore the craftsmanship and dedication that makes Rémy Martin one if the finest cognacs in the world.


To this day, Rémy Martin continues to respect their distilling traditions by remaining committed to classical methods. The ageing process for a Rémy Martin cognac is between 10 to 37 years, whereas the standard for other brands is 6 years.
Un-aged eaux-de-vies (left) to some really matured eaux-de-vies (right)
We were led into a “lab” where before us were eaux-de-vies and measuring cylinders. This was going to be interesting…
Michelle enjoying her Remy Martin. Who says girls don’t know how to drink cognac?
Our job was to create our own blend of Remy Martin by blending the three different aged eaux-de-vies.
Blending blending blending!
That’s me pouring while Naomi was keeping a watchful eye on the levels
The session was facilitated by the Remy Martin ambassador who led us into the “cellar” after we had finished all the blending.
Some really fine cognacs by Remy Martin including the world-famous Louis XIII de Remy Martin!
Extracting the cognac from the barrel for us to taste
The cognacs in the “cellar” were aged more than the V.S.O.P. hence the darker colour
A group pic in the “cellar”
After the lab and cellar session we headed back to the bar where awaiting us were four (4) different Remy Martin cocktails! I generally like my cognac on the rocks but the cocktail with cucumber was simply so refreshing I couldn’t help but to knock back a few.



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Photo credits: Remy Cointreau Malaysia, and author’s own


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