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The MHB bloggers with Ryan from Malaya Optical


My partner and I headed over to Malaya Optical in Damansara Uptown as she was looking for a new pair of sunnies. Malaya Optical only hires qualified optometrist who will examine not only examine, but also advise on the condition of patients’ eyes, and are trained to recognise diseases of the eye, such as glaucoma and cataract, as well as general health conditions such as diabetes. 

Optometrists in Malaya Optical especially in they HQ Damansara Uptown are aided by many state of the art instruments such as Slit Lamp with Optical Digital Zoom Camera by Nikon (to examine contact lenses fitting and cataract),  Non Contact Relax Tonometer by Reichert (to examine Inter Ocular Pressure, IOP or Glaucoma),  High Definition Digital Retina Imaging by Canon (to examine Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration  or Retina Atrophy), Zeiss iProfiler Occular Wavefront Aberrometer, Autorefractometer, Atlas Corneal Topographer, and Keratometer (to examine Refractive Errors to 0.125 Diopter and also Corneal Curvature for better fit of soft or RGP contact lenses), Zeiss Relax Vision Terminal (to examine pupillary distance and multi-focal precision fitting height) and more.



The boutique carries a huge range of eyewear collections from designer frames to branded sunglasses such as Swiss flex, Wolfgang Proksch, Mykita, Coppe Sid, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, JF Rey, Calvin Klein, Whiteout & Glare, Blackfin, Less Than Human, Unodstrial, Tag Heuer, Oakley, Markus T, Moschino, Lafont, ByWP, Parasite, Boz, Round Frames, Retro Frames, Anitque Frames, Aha, Benetton, Burberry, Bywp, Coach, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Giogio Armani, GF Ferrer, Haus Marke, John Richmond, Max Mara, Miu Miu, Moschino, Nike, Prada, Paris Hilton, Robert Marc, Romeo Gigly, Rudy Project, Sama, Victor Rolf, Vivien Westwood, Zero Rh, Andy Wolf, Bevel, Blackfin, Boz, Byblos, Coppe + Sid, Derapage, Derek Lam, Dun, Dutz, Eco, Envisu, Face Font, Ferragamo, Frank Kids, Free Form Green, Gotti, Hana, Lotto, Metzler, Modo, IC Berlin, Parasite, Noego, Paul Smith, Perfect Number, Plasta, Ultem, Superdry, Staffan Preutz, Synergi, Spvvyi, Salt, Carbon Fiber, Undostrial and many more.



Later that afternoon, my bloggers from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers came to join me at the boutique to check out the latest collection from COPPEandSID.



Gualtiero COPPE and SID Fiz have been travelling extensively worldwide, and created their range of eyewear for business , leisure, adventure and sightseeing alike. Both have many years of experience in both sales and product development, and spent last 20 years working for the most acclaimed fashion brands as well as the best recognized design and quality eyewear companies.

Having visiting many major cities in the five continents, catering to the needs of the opinion setters, optical boutiques and best qualified optometrists around the globe, they finally decided to come up with their own COPPEandSID collection.

The frames are inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle and various cities, and are completely produced in Italy, distributed in all major markets, available at exclusive shops only, thus accessible at the right “value for money” prices. The company is based in Italy, where most of the product development takes place. Stile Italiano has been the source where the collection identity has taken shape, and the “factory of ideas” in Asolo is the places where their creative designers think, play, design, and create!

Available there is a private collection which includes rare pieces as well as several thousand original vintage frames and sunglasses, of all major brands and from various countries which provides an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Some real handmade workmanship examples from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to the present make for a very interesting sight indeed.

COPPEandSID collections are a contemporary recreation of a timeless collection which puts together the skilled olden days hand crafting ways with the new production techniques, making eyewear that are cross-cultural designs with distinguished, refined and cosmopolitan aesthetics.



The collection is hand-made acetate and offers an exclusive range of original and exclusive colour combinations. The “by fractioning” assembly of the latest Mazzucchelli acetate materials gives unique feature and sophistication. The insertion of acetate thin blue line in other acetate sheets, the asymmetrical combination of the front colours, the blue dots and the insert of a Lapis Lazuli stone in the end-piece, give an unique look and a contemporary luxury allure to this cosmopolitan eyewear collection.

Lapis Lazuli remained popular throughout the years and has a long history and is the most expensive blue of all time. The worth of this stone to the world of art is immeasurable. It was known to protect the wearers from melancholy and to be good for general prosperity and happiness, to cement the fidelity of friends. Till now, for many people all over the world, Lapis Lazuli is considered the stone of truth and friendship.

The COPPEandSID collection is by EYE DESIGN CLUB Company.

More info at


Thanks for having us Malaya Optical



Malaya Optical outlets are located at:


Damansara Uptown

71, SS21/37 Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS North 03 8.122 East 101 37.403

Tel: 03-7728 0228/03-7710 8550

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10.30am – 9pm, Sunday: 10.30am – 7pm


Subang Jaya

C5, SS15/4d, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-5631 3328

GPS North 304.473 East 101 35.430

Tel: 03-5631 3328

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10.30am – 9pm, Sunday: 10.30am – 7pm




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