2013 Malaysian Moto GP @ Sepang International Circuit


Andy Kho, Veron, June and I headed over to the 2013 Malaysian Moto GP at SIC to watch the race from the Marlboro M.Scape Lounge (you can read about my experience in a separate post) and managed to head over to the mall section of SIC to check out the booths and displays.

Here are some photos we took. First up is the sexy Felixia Yeap.


Felixia Yeap
And another photo of Felixia Yeap

53692_520984794636523_2142609282_o 622646_520985147969821_897208835_o 859180_702078896488129_367596422_o 881897_520984497969886_1714040878_o 902616_520984681303201_185164120_o 1149327_520984484636554_1567998451_o 1268139_520985091303160_1365788193_o 1270865_520985577969778_1620268695_o 1273131_702079183154767_1870910392_o 1275481_520984994636503_1385123683_o 1278941_702078593154826_1370904299_o 1396777_520984644636538_1640151075_o 1397768_702079149821437_1497864809_o 1397871_520984801303189_1882476805_o 1398147_702078569821495_32765015_o 1399424_520984324636570_622087977_o 1399524_520984961303173_368465216_o 1400213_702078783154807_1950328081_o 1400721_520984921303177_572335016_o


The race was won by Dani Pedrosa of the Repsol Honda Team, followed by Marc Marquez also from the Repsol Honda Team and in third place Jorge Lorenzo from Yamaha Factory Racing.

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photgraphy using the newly launched Leica C, and author’s own

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