Carlsberg Malaysia’s Oktoberfest 2013 @ 1 Utama


Would you believe me if I told you that this would mark my 9th year attending Oktoberfest at 1 Utama Shopping Centre? Back in 2005 I went to my first Oktoberfest as there was a RM1.00 for a German beer promotion and my record was eight (8) RM1.00 beers before they ran out (only the first 1,000 beers each day went at RM1.00 each) and as you can expect they ran out pretty fast due to beer fans like myself.

For the last two (2) years, Carlsberg Malaysia decided to up the ante and organised the Oktoberfest celebrations at 1 Utama Shopping Centre in line with their own Oktoberfest campaign. In fact it was so successful that this year the big party at 1 Utama was the finale for Carlsberg’s Oktoberfest 2013 campaign and what bigger or better way than to have it in a giant marque in 1 Utama’s old win open air car park with thousands of revellers and beer fans celebrating the occasion!

So on 11 October 2013, MHB’s Stephanie and her sister Erin, together with Andy Kho and myself headed over to 1 Utama for a night of food, fun and of course loads of beer!


The giant marque was packed! Who says Malaysians don't know how to appreciate a good party?
The giant marque was packed! Who says Malaysians don’t know how to appreciate a good party?
The cute Belle and Rebecca Ho
Lots of pretty Oktoberfest girls dancing along to the band and doing the Chicken Dance with revellers.
Steph, Erin and myself with the Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Henrik Andersen
This was the crazy lead singer of the band that rocked the house!
He actually played a tune on this super long horn!
Who says pretty girls don’t drink beer?
Suphie likes her sausages long and big…
With Grace and Elaine


Thus ended two (2) weeks of Carlsberg Malaysia’s Oktoberfest parties. See you next year!

For more info on Carlsberg Malaysia’s Oktoberfest head over to

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography ( and author’s own

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Till next year

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