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The Dating Game – Types of Women

[The FlipFlop Autumn Winter and Cruise Collection 2013 Fashion Show is at the bottom half of this post]


The Dating Game – Types of Women

I’m not a dating guru. I try not to play The Game unlike some Pick-Up Artists (PUA) out there who hunt in Zouk Club or Butter Factory (or lately Providence) every Friday and Saturday night.

I’ve been blessed to be able to date many different types of women. From career women around my age to way younger students and everything in between, and I’ve finally put to pen (figuratively speaking of course) some the different types of women I’ve dated before.


Emotional Leech

This type needs constant emotional support and attention. This may stem from a lack of self-esteem or other emotional or psychological issues/ baggage but trust me when I say it will eventually affect your emotional and psychological well-being too!

You’ll end up feeling emotionally and physically drained after dating her. I’ve dated a few of these (before learning my lesson) and I’ve been super patient while providing emotional support but it just wears you out after a while.

Stay away from the Emotional Leech! They need a psychologist not you.


The Taker

This type is different from both the gold-digger and emotional leech although there might be certain similarities. She might not ask for luxury bags and fine-dining meals but all she’ll do is take take take and give you just enough in return to keep you taking her out, buying dinners, and giving her attention.

She’ll hardly ever offer to pay for a meal or buy you stuff (we don’t mean expensive stuff but little stuff that can be meaningful) or even adjust her schedule to see you. You have to do everything for her – make sure you fit her schedule.  And that will define your relationship – you doing, giving, doing, giving, and she taking, taking and taking. A lopsided relationship that will fall apart eventually once you get tired of doing and giving.

The Taker will just keep on taking until she gets tired of you then she will leave you with some lame excuse and find another provider (which shouldn’t be a problem if she’s decent looking).

Don’t waste your time with the Taker. Your ROI just will never justify your investment (emotional, time, actions, financial).



This type is getting more and more common these days. She’s willing to be with you as long as you’re providing. Golddiggers may disguise it well at first but as time goes by she’ll drop hints that this branded bag is nice or that fine dining restaurant has good food and such.

Read the warning signs early on and ditch her fast even if you’re loaded! Even billionaires like Donald Trump advocate the need for pre-nuptial agreements to prevent women from marrying then running off with half your fortune.


The Bimbo

I’ve dated a few of these and oh my…they are just so boring and not intellectually stimulating at all! In fact some are so dumb that I didn’t want to ever go out with them again after the first time. If you do need to date a bimbo…do what you need to do then move on!


WARNING – Gold-digging Emotional Leech

Stay away from this type by all means! Not only will you be left emotionally drained but financially as well! It’s just not worth it no matter how good the sex is.

There are combinations of different types above. Do yourself a favour and STAY AWAY FROM TROUBLE!


But Tomcat, all the women listed above will bring trouble!

Yes they will so stay away from them! There are other girls out there if you can stop being so superficial and only focus on looks.


I haven’t quite thought of the positive types of women yet (will probably do another post on them) but here’s one type that you should look for.


The Gem

Find a girl who is kind, not self-centered, generous and caring. I’ve come across some of these girls and I’ve been lucky enough to go out with a couple. These girls understand that in relationship there needs to be GIVE and TAKE.

They will let you buy them dinner but they will also offer to buy the next one (assuming that they like you of course). I’ll always agree with that but when it comes to the next dinner I’ll pay for it again and say that she can pick up the next one. I try to keep the ratio at – I pay for two (2) outings, she pays for one (1) outing. I know there are dating gurus out there who advocate splitting the bill even on the first date as not to let the girl put you into her “The Provider” category but I suggest you think of something a little more long-term with Gems than just getting them into bed.

We’re not only talking about financial give and take here. It can be stuff like her arranging her schedule to suit yours even though she’s busy or tired. She takes the effort to actually and sincerely care and be concerned about your well-being. She’s there for you to share your thoughts and emotions with and she’s a warm and loving partner.

A relationship with someone who is positive will not only be fulfilling but will bring much joy to your life.

The Gem is really really and I mean REALLY hard to come by so if you are lucky enough to meet one go ahead and take a chance.

But all you want is a pretty girl?

OK I admit that I do too. I mean which guy doesn’t want?

However there’s a problem – most* pretty girls out there are all spoilt by the attention that they get from guys and will not think twice about ditching you for someone better/ richer/ more good-looking. If you’re looking for a short-term fling then by all means get it then run.

*occasionally you might come across quality pretty girls who are Gems. If you ever find one don’t let the opportunity pass you by or if you decide not to take any action you can always introduce me to her and you can be sure that I will make the most of the opportunity!

Till the next time…remember – date smart!


FlipFlop Autumn Winter and Cruise Collection 2013 Fashion Show




Attended the show with Mei Sze at JW Marriot on 2 October 2013 to view UK brand FlipFlop’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection featuring minimalist yet stylish designs that also ensure comfort and functionality.

The first FitFlop sandal was sold in 2007, after Dr David Cook and Darren James – expert biomechanists at London South Bank University – collaborated with Marcia Kilgore (an entrepreneur and multi-tasking mom) with the goal of creating the world’s first leg muscle-activating flip flop. Built with simple sporty style upper straps and an ergonomically engineered Microwobbleboard™ midsole, the concept was a phenomenal – and global – success.


So when fans began to send feedback detailing how ‘fantastic’ FitFlop sandals made them feel (subsequent research at Salford University in Manchester uncovered that the Microwobbleboard™ technology had remarkable underfoot pressure diffusing and shock attenuating properties), Kilgore decided to take the technology and weave it into a full footwear collection for men and women.


More info at





Nothing spells comfort more than a pair of loafers. We know the late King of Pop Michael Jackson couldn’t live without them. Loafers are the perfect casual smart footwear for holidays, after work and weekend wear. Featuring a classic-modern loafer cut, the Flex Loafer is available in waxed tumbled leather, nubuck leather or suede. The soft leather lining allows excellent breathability while the outsole is fitted with a sturdy slip resistant tread for the peace of mind for the more adventurous.



Reinforcing your masculinity and a taste for adventure, the super handsome Lewis Boot is a delightful oxymoron – the hot item that is a cool must-have for the style conscious and savvy gentleman opting for a slightly rugged look. Perfect for navigating all terrains, this great-looking desert boot in richly brushed suede is lined with soft leather lining for optimal breathability and cuts a super-cushioned heel.





For the sweet and feminine girlies, the ultra-versatile DUÉ™ that looks like a ballerina and feels like a sneaker will complement your wardrobe of skinny jeans and skirts and come in five different materials of snake-print leather, soft leather, PU, patent options and a dual color tone variant, the Shiny Pony. And if you love DUÉ™, you will also love its Mary Jane sister. Featuring a minimal, pretty ballerina base with a wide stretchy cross-instep band and built-in sneaker-like cushioning, it is cute, comfortable and classic all in one.



On the other hand, the UNO™ OXFORD speaks volumes about class with a tinge of groove and fun. It is for the young at heart who enjoys her leisurely afternoon tea while looking her Sunday best. Beautifully handcrafted to finish in butter-soft Italian or embossed croc print leather with classic tailored facings, delicate laces and a flirty, curved toe cap, the UNO™ OXFORD is elegant and playful.



For boot lovers, fret not. You have not been forgotten. FitFlop’s most famous best-selling winter boot updated with a ‘moccasin’ twist, the must-have MUKLUK MOC 2 is the only boot a girl ever needs. In supple tumbled leather or original super-cush shearling with a thermo regulating sheepskin-lined upper, indulge yourself and choose from turtle green, black and chestnut, chocolate and black.



And for those who like living life on the edge with a passion for rock & roll, (again, comfort should always be a life priority), the new leather JOPLIN boots hover between biker-chic and great everyday basic helping you achieve that slightly tough and sexy tomboy look.


In this Autumn Winter 2013 collection, the Flex Loafer features the patented pressure-diffusing†, biomechanically* engineered Microwobbleboard™ midsole for all-day comfort while DUÉ Ballerina, DUÉ™ M-J and UNO™ OXFORD are built on the sleek Biomimetix midsole for optimal underfoot ergonomics. Retaining all of its supreme comfort and feet pleasing properties but having undergone a slight trim, the MUKLUK MOC 2 and JOPLIN boots are built on the amazing slimmer MICROWOBBLEBOARD midsole.




FitFlop is introducing its Cruise Collection, announcing the arrival of spring from the seasonal change after winter. The colors and blossoms are back with a big bang with three unique themes for this chromatic collection, Bossa Nova, Tropadelical and Juxta. The three themes are bold and colorful in motif and design with the Bossa Nova detailing a more organic flow of Brazilian artwork-fused inspiration and the Tropadelical with its loud, vibrant hues of psychedelic colors, bringing to mind an instant tropical paradise getaway while the Juxta theme, perhaps the slightly less flamboyant of the three but nonetheless a stand out on its own, draws inspiration from quilts, patchwork and crafts with its earthy and geometric element.



The Skinny, which comes in Black, Pale Bronze, Pale Gold, Silver and Siren Red with a metallic lizard embossed leather upper shows off the exclusive Ross Lovegrove Buckle. It is easy to slip-on thus making it perfect for everyday wear and to the beach with a shot of glamor. Similar to the Skinny but for those with a penchant for more stability in their footwear, there is the Nova with double straps, a front strap and an ankle strap and are available in Pale Gold, Pale Bronze and Silver. The Cha Cha,

inspired by the Carnival costumes with its shiny, shimmying, beaded fringe, is designed to add a touch of zest and life and make heads turn. It is fun, fabulous, swishy and in short, a fashion statement.



From the Juxta theme that caters to those who prefer a more sensible choice of footwear, there is the Tia with a luxurious leather lining with a cover leather footbed and is available in tan, black and nude. And sporting the classic slide with a wide front strap and a skinny adjustable vamp strap is the Souza. It also features the exclusive Ross Lovegrove Buckle also found in The Skinny. Rounding up the Juxta theme is the ballerina flat of DUÉ Oro with its soft ultra feminine finishing and versatility. Touching it up with a tint of luxury is a metallic gold toecap. All product models above flaunts a nostalgic 70s glam and gold snake tip emboss leather.


The Souza is built on the original and classic Microwobbleboard midsole while the Skinny, Nova and Cha Cha and Tia come fitted with the slimmer variant. And to maintain its iconic slim streamline, the DUÉ Oro is built on the sleek Biomimitex midsole.




There are both mens and womens footwear ranging from sandals to casual to even boots!


Catght a pic of Mei Sze while we were waiting for the fashion show to start

Catght a pic of Mei Sze while we were waiting for the fashion show to start

1269053_10152229461805278_1883029757_o 1274903_10152229462155278_159996398_o




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