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Sneak Peak – New Smartphone with a F2.0 Camera!


Now those of you who follow me on my Facebook page will undoubtedly know that I’m reviewing a new smartphone from all the brighter pics that I’ve uploaded recently.


Well I’m not going to tell you which brand/ model it is just yet. But what I am gonna do is show you some pics taken from some of my outings with “her” and my other friends.




Mei Sze and I finally had our long-awaited brunch at Red Beanbag in Publika, Solaris Dutamas after postponing it many times.


We both have this irritating habit of photographing our food and uploading it to Facebook/ Twitter before we eat haha! Of course this usually results in the food becoming cold before we actually touch it. She had some beef bacon and eggs wrapped up in a tortilla thingy. Can’t really remember it’s exact name but it tasted quite nice. Can’t really go wrong with bacon or beef bacon unless you’re a horrible cook.


I had RBB’s Specialty Baked Eggs which was lamb sausage and eggs smothered in cheese!


For dessert we had the Classic French Toast which was quite unlike any French toast I’ve previously eaten. This one was coated with almonds, and served with seasonal fruits and maple syrup.


And of course coffee is a must-have when visiting little cafes like the Red Beanbag. I liked how the camera managed to capture in detail the little bubbles on the foam.

Well brunch at the Red Beanbag was shot in rather decent light but how about something in a more romantic setting/ ambience?


Took her for dinner at La Bodega in Empire Shopping Gallery which is pretty dimly lit.


We had the cheese platter with wine which we always order when we visit La Bodega.


Chicken Liver Pate with La Bodega’s deliciously warm and crusty breads.

Ok La Bodega was already pretty dim but how about nighttime outdoor shots? Well I had the opportunity to try just that as I headed down to the Cyberview Resort & Spa for an ex-colleague’s wedding.


It was really dark but somehow this came out! A combination of both the F2.0 lens with a high ISO (you can set the exposure compensation and ISO manually but as most people don’t have the time to do so while out and about I shot most of the pics on Auto mode).


The pathway was really really dark (hey Cyberview Resort do light up your pathways!) although it doesn’t appear so in this pic. I couldn’t see anything beyond 10 feet so I decided to try and focus on the stone pathway that I could see. The camera features a touch to focus/ shoot function that is super useful AND also a dedicated shutter button on the side of the phone.


Me trying to be artsy.


Any guesses what this is? No it’s not the surface of the moon.


Crystals falling from heaven! Well not really. I was babysitting my bloggers at a review of a beauty centre and I got a little bored so I shot some of their deco.


Here’s another shot from the beauty centre. Purposely shot against the light to see how it would turn out.


Happy hour with Ying at the Beer Factory.


Caught this one at the Butter Factory’s first anniversary party.


Here’s a shot of the gorgeous Weena Marcus taken with the flash in Butter Factory. I actually left my camera at home and solely used this smartphone to shoot pics that night just to see how it would perform in a club setting.



Well I’m still not going to reveal which smartphone it is I’m reviewing but head over HERE (click here) and guess which smartphone it is and you just might win yourself one!

Stay tuned to my blog as I will be doing a full review on the phone soon.


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