Stella Artois World Draught Masters Malaysia Finals


MHB’s Kelly Siew, Andy Kho and myself headed up to Genting Highlands for the Malaysian finals of the Stella Artois World Draught Masters on 6 August 2013.

Stella Artois is from Belgium and can trace its origin back to 1366 to the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, just outside of Brussels. The beer was originally brewed to celebrate Christmas, and it was named Stella (Latin for “star”) for its exceptional clarity. Stella Artois is really easy to drink and has a pleasantly bitter flavor (but not one that is tremendously strong so even girls can appreciate Stella Artois) and refreshing finish that distinguishes it from other European lagers. Stella Artois should only be served in its signature gold-rimmed chalice, which showcases its rich, golden color while releasing the beer’s flavour and aroma.

The Stella Artois World Draught Masters is an annual event which was established since 1997 and features a local competition is held to determine an ambassador(s) from each country before competing on an international stage against countries from around the globe. Each step of the time-honoured 9-step Stella Artois pouring ritual will be scrutinized, and participants must showcase their skills and precision and even their charm in their quest to earn the coveted title of Stella Artois World Draught Master. This annual event aims to educate consumers that perfect pouring is key to enjoying a superior beer.

The competition is in its fourth consecutive year in Malaysia and featured finalists from across the country in a showdown at the Genting International Convention Centre whereby the top two (2) winners will get to represent the country at the inaugural Regional World Draught Master in Bangkok, Thailand.


A very lovely welcoming committee
So you think pouring a beer is easy? Not if you want it to be perfect. Stella Artois features a 9-step pour to ensure that customers get the best drinking experience possible.
Each step of this precise and time-honored 9-step Stella Artois pouring ritual was scrutinised by a panel of judges.
The judging panel at this year’s competition – Kristian Dahl, Supply Director, Carlsberg Malaysia, Philip Tan, Regional Director for South Asia, AB-InBev International, Henrik Andersen, Managing Director, Carlsberg Malaysia, Edward Arthur Holloway, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, Genting Malaysia Berhad, and Kenneth Soh, General Manager of Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd. (L-R)


Here a little video on how to do the 9-step pour.


Step 1: The Purification

The chalice must be cleaned and rinsed.

Step 2: The Sacrifice

The tap is opened in a single swift motion and the first drops of beer are poured.

Step 3: The Liquid Alchemy

The chalice must be held at a 45° angle, just under the tap.

Step 4: The Crown

Lowering the chalice permits the natural formation of the foam head.

Step 5: The Removal

The tap is closed quickly and the chalice removed. No drips permitted.

Step 6: The Beheading

While the head foams up and threatens to overflow, a head cutter is deployed to smooth it gently.

Step 7: The Cleansing

The bottom and sides of the chalice are to be cleaned.

Step 8: The Judgment

The perfect amount of foam equals two fingers. (Malaysians in general do not like head but it is important to have the head to keep your beer from oxidizing thus keeping your beer tasting fresher for longer)

Step 9: The Bestowal

The beer should be presented on a clean coaster, with the logo facing outward.


Ta da! A perfectly poured chalice of Stella Artois! Now as the judges couldn’t possibly finish all the beers (each contestant had to pour two chalices) the balance came to us in the audience and we finished up quite a few of these!
MHB’s Kelly Siew trying her hand at the 9-step pour. Look at the look of concentration on her face!
And she managed to execute it flawlessly after watching many a bartender perform the task that afternoon.
Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Henrik Andersen also trying his hand at the 9-step pour
Congratulations to the 9-step Perfect Pour “Masters” Tang Kum Loong, and Ong Poh Wee who will be competing against other finalists internationally in Bangkok in September.


The next time you order a Stella Artois, do remember that a lot of effort has been made to ensure that you get the best beer experience there is.

More info on Stella Artois at

Stella Artois is distributed in Malaysia by Luen Heng F&B –

Photo credits: and author’s own





Here’s the press release in Chinese.


STella Artois 完美9 步骤倒酒法


云顶高原,2013年8月6日- 将比利时啤酒体验再次提升至另一境界,马来西亚Carlsberg集团子公司联兴食品有限公司(Luen Heng F&B Sdn. Bhd.) 举办年度竞赛展现Stella Artois 那百年历史的的荣誉啤酒鉴赏家所推广的完美9步骤倒酒法。第四届Stella Artois世界顶尖调酒师竞赛,获得来自全国各地超过40位的入围调酒师,聚集在云顶国际会展中心接受挑战,以获得成为国家代表进入亚洲区世界顶尖调酒师竞赛的入场卷。这项竞赛将今年10月在泰国曼谷举行。

受到超过600年历史传统酿酒的启发,这项一年一度的世界顶尖调酒师竞赛鼓励员工参与培训及发展,已提供消费者一个传统优雅的比利时优质啤酒艺术体验。同时,欢庆那历史悠久的倒酒技术,打造极致“她是美丽的”- 一杯完美的Stella Artois。这9步骤的倒酒艺术,每一步都要求接近完美,将由一群啤酒专家进行审议和为每一位参赛者评分。

“一个完美的倒酒技术是体验完美Stella Artois啤酒的根本。这品牌拥有历史悠久的9步骤倒酒艺术能确保啤酒都是在关注下为顾客所倒出。这非常重要,特别是对那些享受和关注Stella Artois 啤酒的消费者。” 联兴食品有限公司总经理苏志伟演说时分享。

2013年世界顶尖调酒师竞赛获得一群在国际和本地快速消费品行业 (FMCG) 拥有丰富经验的专才担任评审,当中包括马来西亚Carlsberg集团董事经理Henrik Andersen、马来西亚Carlsberg集团供应部总监Kristian Dahl、AB-InBev International 亚洲区总监Philip Tan、联兴食品有限公司总经理苏志伟及马来西亚云顶集团酒店营运高级副总裁Edward Arthur Holloway。

“传统的比利时啤酒是倒在一个配合各种啤酒的独特杯子,以散发啤酒独有的特性。Stella Artois 所使用的是圣杯 (Chalice Glass)。这9 步骤倒酒艺术将通过酒杯特有的框架、杯茎、独有的金色杯口,将提供Stella Artois 独有的精致体验。也许9 步骤倒酒艺术是一项微妙的动作,但是却是我们对消费者的尊重。我们培养国内的Stella Artois调酒师如何掌握这倒酒艺术的窍门。我们邀请非常有潜力的调酒师挑战来自全国各地的参赛者。我们期待最佳候选人的诞生,以代表马来西亚参加将于2014年在法国戛纳所举行的第17届世界顶尖调酒师竞赛中,获得头衔为国争光。” 马来西亚Carlsberg集团董事经理Henrik Andersen分享。

“完美呈献在圣杯的Stella Artois 是件美丽的东西。通过培训,确实提升我的倒酒技术,不仅在追求执行完美的9步骤倒酒艺术,我的调酒师工作更上一层楼。我希望有更多的调酒师能通过这样一个传奇的酿酒传统和培训,将能够大大受益,并继续确保每一杯的Stella Artois 能够完美的呈献和提供绝佳的啤酒。

2011年马来西亚世界顶尖调酒师赛的冠军兼代表马来西亚前往阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 世界顶尖调酒师国际竞赛的参赛者Liew Xin Yin 分享。


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