Random Photos


I was clearing up my external hard disk drive when I found these old photos. (Yes that’s me when I was younger and about 10kg lighter sigh…)


980778_10151915020280278_604827719_o 981172_10151915020675278_606593486_o 414796_10151915020150278_1548967218_o 460643_10151915021555278_1960483495_o 467673_10151915021215278_963997016_o 467857_10151915019775278_1119886421_o 477925_10151915019210278_571595302_o 963748_10151915020220278_1703326803_o 964160_10151915018955278_1092862739_o 964457_10151915020660278_876238241_o 964587_10151915019685278_1690068602_o 964615_10151915021050278_2137942167_o 964815_10151915020245278_934985426_o 965028_10151915020070278_682111493_o 976955_10151915021780278_1314714070_o 977059_10151915021465278_1483537441_o 977916_10151915019940278_1375614656_o







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