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XIXILI – Mid Valley Fashion Week 2013


This was the third and last show that I attended during the Mid Valley Spring Summer Fashion Week 2013 together with the girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers. Ok ok I know what you’re wondering – what is Tim Chew doing at a lingerie show? Well I was babysitting my bloggers as I always do. Too many wolves, desperate competitors and jealous losers around these days.

Anyway I headed over to Mid Valley early on 18 April 2013 to avoid the jam and was brought to the press conference where to my surprise Dato’ Jimmy Choo was with the brand owners giving his fashion opinion showing that if you have good taste it doesn’t just limit you to say just shoes. Always nice bumping into him as he’s pretty friendly to Andy Kho, me and the girls so said hi to him and had a quick chat about his plans for 2013 and his involvement with brands such as Kronenbourg 1664 as he was their fashion guru for 2012.

Sorry to digress. Back to the topic at hand and here’s a little info on XIXILI and their ‘Perfect Fit’ concept:

A home-grown Malaysian label, XIXILI was founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust-lines through the right choice of brassieres.

XIXILI lingerie is tailor made with quality fabrics imported from Italy and Spain, fashionable and provides comfort and versatile functionality. XIXILI bras are designed to enhance a lady’s curves by providing her with maximum support and the fullest uplift at all times with their range of t-shirt bras, maternity bras, sports bras, corsetry or shape wears, nighties and slips to the signature ‘ENVY’ bra, a stylish, yet fully functional high-paneled bra.

Side effects of wearing the wrong-sized bra are a plenty: distorted shapes (ewwww!), pre-mature sagging, back pains, unsightly underarm bulges (these are big turn-offs to me) and back fats, undefined silhouette, and scarily, much more! With 80% of women worldwide wearing the wrong-sized bra, XIXILI aims to educate it’s customers that wearing the right size bra throughout their life stages is very important!

It is a FACT that a woman’s bust size will change over time: at least 6 times throughout her life. With a comprehensive merchandise mix and an extensive range of brassieres sizing from cup sizes A to H and band sizes from 70 to 100, and with more in development, XIXILI is able to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

Servicing all XIXILI customers are professionally trained Perfect Fitters who will guide the customers towards finding their Perfect FIT, the Perfect Fitters diligently spend years to become expert fitters. Not only do they provide top-notch personalized fitting consultations and guidance of finding your perfect FIT, the team of ladies is also well apt to recommend the most appealing styles to complement your outerwear wardrobes.


A visit to the XIXILI store in Mid Valley after the press conference

A visit to the XIXILI store in Mid Valley after the press conference


One of XIXILI’s latest range of lingerie


After that we were sheperded over to the Centre Court of Mid Valley for the fashion show.


As usual the first stop was the Kronenbourg 1664 bar to get a beer

As usual the first stop was the Kronenbourg 1664 bar to get a beer

MHB's Karen and Alvynna with fashion guru Jimmy Choo

MHB’s Karen and Alvynna with fashion guru Jimmy Choo


MHB’s Nana and Michelle Ooi with a friend


Now on to the show which was entitled ‘ONCE UPON A FAIRY TALE: Good vs. The Wicked – A XIXILI LINGERIE FASHION SHOW’ debuted XIXILI’s Spring / Summer 2013 intimates collection and a speckle of the hottest picks from Autumn / Winter 2012.

Look out for a whole host of fairy tale and Disney characters being portrayed by the models. Hint – one plays a good character, the other bad. Eg. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.



Syafinaz Selamat vowed the audience with her vocal prowess

3598_520632617983210_887885887_n 21228_520631327983339_129543449_n 58788_520631571316648_389488781_n 73908_520631191316686_1189001115_n 164937_520632817983190_572850526_n 298088_520632291316576_590553852_n 407050_520631834649955_647544134_n 541522_520631881316617_1641354763_n 923468_520631907983281_467244830_n 931336_520632757983196_1195933035_n


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