Hansgrohe – Great Bathroom Solutions!


OK I must admit – I had no idea what Hansgrohe was. But curiosity got the better of me so I decided to go check out their showroom in Kelana Jaya on a lazy Saturday morning with MHB’s Valerie Chua for company.

Anyway here’s a little background info on the brand:

Hansgrohe is a leading bathroom and sanitation specialist and early pioneer of the sanitation industry, with a product range focusing on showers, taps and bathroom mixers. Hansgrohe also provides customised bath-room design services and recently introduced a range of exclusive bathroom fittings developed in collaboration with celebrated designers.

Designed and researched in-house, Hansgrohe’s products aim to make the bathroom ‘more functional, comfortable and beautiful’. Boasting a rich culture of design innovation, many bathroom shower features which people across the world now take for granted, were originally introduced by Hansgrohe over its 111-year history. This culture of design innovation continues to be reflected in Hansgrohe’s newest product offerings, over 80% of which are made in Germany and carry with them the assurance and guarantee of German qual-ity and expertise, honed over decades of Hansgrohe’s existence.

This commitment to design and quality has been recognised – for the company and its products have been honoured with numerous awards, the latest being the Umsicht Science Award, the German Design Award in Gold and the iF Gold Award 2012. Hansgrohe’s products can be found in such prestigious projects such as the luxury liner Queen Mary II, Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport in London, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the German Chancellor’s office in Berlin, the Yoo luxury apartments in New York and at the Masdar City Institute of Sci-ence and Technology in Abu Dhabi.

There are currently two major brands under the company: Hansgrohe, with its range of showers, taps and mixers; Axor, the luxury brand which specialises in bathroom collections and bathroom designs.





This is the what Hansgrohe was very proud to show us and even let us experience it with a bath. No surprise that the queue for the bath was pretty long so Valerie and I enjoyed some sangria and snacks and even got a relaxing foot massage while waiting for her turn.

The new Raindance Rainfall 180 twin jet overhead shower can be perfectly combined with different decor styles. The aerated, voluminous RainAir shower rain therefore falls amply from the 180-mm-wide jet disc in the front section of the shower. The large distance from the wall provides users with excellent freedom of movement to optimally enjoy the gushing water. The 170-millimetre-wide, voluminous RainFlow jet pours over the shower user like a natural waterfall giving you a whole new shower experience!

Cute shower-head for kids!
The ones on the right are hybrid shower-head + rain shower systems.
This sink is fully customisable. You can position your faucets anywhere within the grids on the top and right.
Kitchen solutions too!
Game of thrones – porcelain thrones that is
This system is height adjustable to suit the user’s preference
Valerie set it to maximum height since she’s pretty tall

29031_500481273331678_1160918792_n 65560_500481393331666_941292239_n 69608_500481009998371_552597919_n 268161_500481003331705_1974939937_n 268185_500481289998343_1253177384_n 313408_500482076664931_690415133_n 541525_500481829998289_948959095_n

Valerie Chua, didn't you mom tell you not to play with water?
Valerie Chua, didn’t you mom tell you not to play with water?


Finally it was Valerie's turn to take a shower
Finally it was Valerie’s turn to take a shower

A systematic approach to showering

Those who want to enjoy the flexible showering pleasure of a hand shower but without relinquishing the rain-like sensation of standing under a large overhead shower should try a Showerpipe. As fully a pre-installed unit, it can be installed easily in front of the wall. The integrated thermostat allows users to conveniently and safely manage their pleasurable shower experiences. The range of Raindance Showerpipes has been extended with some attractive models: From the Raindance Select 240 to the Raindance Select 300 Showerpipe, all variants come with a swivelling shower arm and the new Raindance Select 150 hand shower.


The ShowerPower package

A visual highlight among the new additions to the family is the Raindance Select Showerpipe 360. High-quality finishes, soft curves, elegance and understated luxury all characterise this completely new Showerpipe archetype. The flat profile of the flow of water blends first into the angled shower arm and then into the flat, 360-millimetre, shoulder-width overhead shower. This provides users with comfortable freedom of movement under the voluminous, aerated AirPower shower rain. Equally extraordinary is the new Ecostat Select thermostat – a convenient operating unit, which also offers a comfortable, spacious shelf for shower utensils. The new Showerpipe is also available as a bath tub model with a longer shower bar.


A question of change

Showering pleasure can now be controlled flexibly with the new Raindance Select 150 hand shower, and Hansgrohe is continuing the success story of the often imitated Raindance showers. The product developers focused on ease of handling and use. The result: a flowingly round, modern shower with an easy-to-hold handle and “Select” – an ultra-simple jet change function. Users can select their favourite jet type at the simple touch of a button. Soft RainAir, massaging CaresseAir or a refreshing mixed jet: it is all a question of change.


AirPower Technology – Saves Water!

The 150-millimetre-wide jet disc with AirPower technology, which enriches water with air, douses users in voluminous, pleasantly soft rain drops. The models with Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology reduce the water flow to approximately nine litres per minute. Water and energy costs can therefore be notably reduced compared to those incurred when using standard showers. A choice can also be made between the high-quality, seemingly monolithic look with a fully chrome-plated jet disc or a fresh, two-coloured version with a white and chrome finish.

Print out this voucher to enjoy a discount!
Print out this voucher to enjoy a discount!

So the next time you’re looking for some awesome bathroom faucets and fittings be sure to head over to

Hansgrohe Showroom

No. 2-B-1, Jalan SS6/6,

Kelana Jaya, Selangor,



For more information call: +603 7805 4748 ext 216


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