Guinness Chinese New Year Media Gathering


Poon Choi, Guinness and Axian (Jason Yeoh)

Yes with those three it was going to be a night of good food, drinks and entertainment! Headed over to Bangsar Shopping Centre on 30 January with Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Valerie and Karen for the Guinness Chinese New Year Media Gathering at the Grand Imperial Restaurant. The restaurant was tucked away in a corner of the old wing (same wing as twentyone Tables & Terrace) and it took us a while to find it but eventually we did.

To start off the night, loads of Guinness draught of course before we were ushered to the tables for dinner. Most of the guests were eagerly anticipating the ‘star’ of the ‘Guinness Feast of Abundance’ which was to be the Golden Poon Choi which was chosen to highlight three (3) characteristics of Guinness – more taste, more look and more soul.

Exactly how do they match up?

More taste – Guinness has more bold flavours than most other beers while the Poon Choi is totally packed with flavours from its quality and bountiful ingredients.

More look – Notice how a pint of Guinness draught is served to you with a beautiful head that’s the product of a two (2) part pour? Well the Poon Choi also comes with a stunning presentation with the abalone, prawns, scallops and sea cucumbers right on top of the dish.

More soul – Guinness has been brewed for over 250 years and the brew masters take immense care to ensure that the product which you get is of the highest standards. In olden times, the Poon Choi takes up to three (3) days to prepare starting with the gathering of the ingredients to the separate cooking of the ingredients to the final assembly.

Always a welcome sight
Axian aka Jason Yeoh of Axian’s Food Adventures was the host for the evening
Guinness actually goes pretty well with certain types of food bringing out the depth and intensifying the flavours of the dish. You can even use it to make sauces or add it to meat dishes such as Beef & Guinness stew, steak pie or even brownies!
MHB’s Karen Kho and Valerie Chua
Fresh Salmon Yee Sang! This was one of the best that I had and I think I’m gonna buy one for my family’s reunion dinner on the eve of CNY.
Jason finally unveiled the ‘Golden Poon Choi’ after giving us a brief history on it. The dish was modified in Guiness’s ‘Made of More’ fashion with the inclusion of an edible gold pork meatball (right at the centre)
The Poon Choi was loaded with abalone (again! woo hoo!), scallops, prawns, black moss, dried oysters (I’m not a really big fan of these) and a whole bunch of other stuff such as roast duck, roast chicken, mushrooms, veges, etc. etc.
My table’s Poon Choi was done justice as we pretty much cleaned up 90% of it! Not bad considering there were only 2 guys besides myself with the rest ladies. First thing to go was of course the abalone hahaha!
After stuffing ourselves with the Poon Choi we washed it down with loads of Guinness draught and the dessert which was a ‘Chilled Mountain Snow Seed with Lily Bulb’
Pan Fried Nian Gao and Baked Lotus Paste Pastries
Pan Fried Nian Gao and Baked Lotus Paste Pastries
MHB’s Esther, Valerie and Karen together with our friend Elaine from took the opportunity to take a pic with Jason. He later made a remark about Valerie’s height.
Me with the girls
Me with the girls


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