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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge – Great Britain

[Special Event]

I have been to every Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge (JWBCL) since it’s inception back in 2010 and the experience is so enthralling that whenever I get news of an upcoming JWBCL I immediately get excited.

This time round Johnnie Walker invited me and my team from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers to attend the JWBCL up in my mom’s hometown of Penang! *Doubly excited*

So we packed our bags and met up at the Subang Skypark which was great for me as my house is like 10 minutes away and hopped on the plane to Penang. With us media were a bunch of celebrities who were also going along for the party and I spent half the flight chatting with Reshmonu and Vanessa Chong who were seated behind me until my neck started to ache from turning around.

Anyway long story short, we checked in to the hotel, rushed to the press conference featuring Mika Hakinnen and Jay Park then rushed back to the hotel to prepare for the party, rushed for dinner then rushed over to the event venue which was the main hall of the Penang Turf Club. A whole load of rushing! Phew!


MHB team chauffeured over to the event venue #likeaboss
Spotted Jane aka Chuckei signing the pledge never to drink and drive!
?, Cinty Teh, Chuckei, Cheesie (L-R)
MHB’s Kate, Esther, Povy and Naomi
Absolutely yummy!
The theme for this JWBCL was Great Britain in conjunction with the British GP.
Liked the interactive booths with the cameras that superimposed your pic into a template
Penangite VIP guests out in full force! Guess it’s because super exclusive and happening parties like the JWBCL don’t happen as often as they do compared to KL
A table specially reserved for MHB!
Our table was right next to the Gold Label Reserve bar and I made friends with the cute bartender there who was kind enough to cater to my many many requests for Gold Label cocktails and drinks throughout the night
The sexy DJ Geri who was one of the artistes providing the entertainment for the night
The cute DJ Ray Ray from Taiwan
K-pop star Jay Park and F1 racing legend Mika Hakinnen graced the event!
At midnight the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve was served to guests with a glittering presentation!
What a lovely sight!
Gold Label baby!
I had a lot of fun that night…pretty obvious right?

I was in the (unisex) toilet when I saw girls queuing up to use the cubicles and one (1) special queue to take photos with Leng Yein. Took this pic with her outside in the party zone though hahaha!

Hot Penang lass Fernnie (2nd from right) and her friends

Junee, Esther and Aivee

MHB’s Povy and her sweet Penang friend (I forgot her name)
With MHB’s Andy Kho and Naomi

What an awesome party it was! Penangites really know how to enjoy themselves!


The next day it was back to KL but it was one heck of a memorable trip!

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Photo credits: Johnnie Walker Malaysia and author’s own

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Remember to be responsible and Never Drink and Drive!


Keep Walking!

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