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VJ Holly Goes Back to School



I must admit that I don’t watch much MTV ever since VJ Donita Rose left a couple of years back. However after Holly Grabarek won the MTV VJ search back in 2010 I do head over to Astro channel 713 every now and then to try to catch her programme.

I met her in person in Penang recently and couldn’t take my eyes off her. She’s simply so attractive! I bumped into her again at the Penang airport on the way back to KL but was way too starstruck shy to go up and ask for a photo. Sigh…

So it is with great sadness that I must inform you MTV VJ Holly fans that she will be hitting the books as she resumes her studies in the United States this coming new year and will be signing off as an MTV VJ.  She made this announcement on this week’s episode of The MTV Show which she hosts with VJ Rich.

SAD SAD SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I have had the best two years of my life. Working at MTV has been an awesome adventure. Never would I have thought I would be able to face a crowd of 15,000 and survive! I’ve met the coolest people but most importantly I’ve grown so much as a person. I feel much more confident and the challenges I have faced at MTV like public speaking have made me so much more sure of myself as a person,” says VJ Holly.


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VJ Holly was discovered when MTV trawled the blogosphere in 2010 in an extensive search for its next VJ.  Besting a huge pool of aspirants in challenges and fan votes, she was hailed the new VJ in front of over 15,000 screaming fans during World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010.  Since then, the part Polish, part Sinhalese-Chinese VJ has hosted MTV events across Asia gaining celebrity status gracing the covers of magazines in the region and has been featured in countless articles on print and online.  VJ Holly also contributed stories to The New Paper in Singapore and The Star in Malaysia as a guest columnist.

Fans and viewers can still catch VJ Holly on-air until 20 October at the season finale of The MTV Show.

The MTV Show airs at these times:

Every Saturday 12pm (WIB), 1pm (SIN/HK/PH), 2pm (MAL)

Every Saturday – 8pm (WIB), 12am & 9pm (SIN/HK/PH), 1am & 10pm (MAL)

Every Sunday – 10.30pm (WIB), 11.30pm (SIN/HK/PH)

Every Monday – 7pm (WIB), 8pm (SIN/HK/PH), 9pm & 12:30am (MAL)

Every Tuesday – 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SIN/HK/PH)

Every Wednesday – 12am (MAL)

Every Thursday – 10am (WIB), 11am (SIN/HK/PH), 12pm (MAL)


Goodbye VJ Holly! Do return to showbiz after you graduate!!!

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