MHB visits Art Mansion, Jaya One PJ


Headed over to Jaya One in Petaling Jaya with Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers’ Chammaine, Stephanie, Sarah, Casey, Chloe and our photographers Andy Kho and Sandy Tan.

Art Mansion has a cosy interior with lots of art pieces on display on the walls
Chammaine with her Lychee Martini – RM20
With my Guinness Draught. Drink ice-cold!
Strawberry Martini – RM20 – the girls tried all the cocktails as I’m not so much a cocktail person. Prefer my beer, whisky and cognac.
Lemon Twist Martini – RM20
Waterfall – RM23
Illusion – RM25
Smoked Salmon Tarts – RM18 – not bad. You’ll like this if you’re a salmon fan.
Cheese Baked Portobello Mushroom – RM18 – now I like cheese and I like mushrooms so I really enjoyed this one. The creamy cheese goes well with the earthy flavours of the mushrooms.
Seafood Fruit Salad – RM20 – not dripping with fattening dressing which is good news for you ladies. A nice, light, juicy and crisp salad that’s good for a light meal (but obviously not enough for me).
Cheesy Beef Nachos – RM32 – can’t go wrong with nachos and cheese
Smoked Salmon Pizza 12′ – RM32 – order this one to share among 3 to 4 people as it’s very creamy. You have been warned!
Shrimp Galore – Shrimps wrapped in tortellini and smothered in cream sauce. A starter for sharing.
4 season 12” pizza – RM30 – yet another dish for sharing! I quite like their pizzas. Pretty generous with the cheese I must say!
Char Grill Tenderloin – RM45 – order medium rare and you’ll get a delicious and juicy steak!
Spicy Soft Shell Crab Pasta – RM30 – I really liked this one. Crispy soft shell crab on top of pasta. But eat quickly before the sauce soaks into the crab making it soggy.
Grilled Lamb with herbs – RM45 – quite flavourful. Obviously well marinated.
Claypot Loh Shu Fun – RM15 – apparently it’s the same recipe as the one in Petaling Street! Good stuff! We scrapped the pot clean!
Italian Baked Cod Fish – RM46 – quite nice but the cod has quite a number of bones so order only if you have the patience to remove them.
Italian Gelato with mix fruit toppings – RM12 – sweet, sour and creamy all in one dessert!
Champberry – RM21
Baked Fruit Pie – RM15
Black Russian – RM23 – Nice way to end the meal. Kahlua + Baileys
For those of you pool kakis
There are also cosy sofas
And lots of art pieces to appreciate

Art Mansion is an art gallery and a decent restaurant which serves up contemporary Italian cuisine as well as some Asian favourites (you must try the Loh Shi Fun) and is equipped with a bar which serves up draught beer (3 pints for RM49.90) and some cool cocktails.

If you’re at Jaya One and looking for some decent food and a place to have your happy hours you might want to try Art Mansion.

Art Mansion is located at

Blok L, Unit 16, Level G, Phase 1,

Jaya One,

No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,

46200 Petaling Jaya,


Tel: +603-79544099

More info at

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