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Kronenbourg 1664’s L’Aperitif Fashion @ Rootz 130612


Braved the KL traffic and headed to Lot 10 on 13 June 2012 for the Kronenbourg 1664 L’Aperitif Fashion at Rootz. Louise and I got there early so we decided to have dinner (I always prefer to line my stomach with some food before drinking) first thus headed down to the Lot 10 food court on the LG floor which has lots of famous hawker stalls. We decided to have the beef noodles and it turned out that many guests to the event had similar thoughts as we were soon joined by a bunch of our friends all happily indulging in good hawker food. Story is that Tan Sri Francis Yeoh

Anyway after dinner we took the lift up to the rooftop and to no surprise Rootz was decked in red, white and blue – the colours of the French flag. This time the theme of the night was the ‘Art of Pleasure’.

What exactly is L’Aperitif Fashion and the ‘Art of Pleasure’?

The Kronenbourg 1664 L’APERITIF FASHION series was conceptualized to offer beer lovers a one-of-a-kind experience during their happy hour get-togethers. Billed as the ‘champagne of beers’, Kronenbourg 1664 set about to introduce its own culture, infused with two synonymously French ways of life – Aperitif, which is a pre-dinner drink culture and fashion.

Kronenbourg 1664 has created a platform to support the local Malaysian fashion industry, aspiring and talented local designers are able to showcase their creative conceptions through fashion collaborations with Kronenbourg 1664 while partnering with icons in the industry such as Prof Dato Jimmy Choo – the programme’s key mentor, and other notable personalities such as Andrea Fonseka, Amber Chia, Gillian Hung and Keith Kee. These fashion gurus act as judges at each designer night where the winner is set to enjoy a mentorship session with Prof Dato Jimmy Choo in London.

This 3rd edition of Kronenbourg 1664 L’APERITIF FASHION reinvents Happy Hour with the ‘Art of Pleasure’ – a philosophy towards life, celebrating good friends, good food, good spirits and good conversation, accented by classic French fashion elements and with a display of the glamorous French influence on Malaysian fashion.



Don’t you just love it when a pretty girl greets you at the door? It really sets the mood for the party!

The girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers turned up in droves. What’s with girls and fashion?
I was more interested in the Kronenbourg 1664 beer tower which is shaped like the Eiffel Tower and has 4 taps! That would look so cool at home. Must convince Kronenbourg to give me one soon…
MHB’s Brigette and Michelle Ooi with their friend
With Jenii Foh, Soren (MD of Carlsberg) and Amber Chia
MHB’s Brie and Esther
Group pic – York (Carlsberg Malaysia’s Marketing Director) and Soren (Carlsberg Malaysia’s Managing Director) with the models. I didn’t shoot the fashion show however many of the MHB girls did so you can head over to to see their posts
90% of girls like Kronenbourg Blanc while I on the other hand prefer the lager. Well to each his own I say!
The Kronenbourg Blanc is popular among the ladies as it is a fruity and fragrant wheat beer

Amber Chia and Stephanie Chua. Among the other notable guests were Kronenbourg 1664’s fashion mentor Dato’ Prof Jimmy Choo, and L’APERITIF FASHION’s brand ambassadors Andrea Fonseka, and Keith Kee
MHB’s Yuki, Chloe, Chloe’s sister, Brie, Esther and Bell
Group pic with the girls

MHB’s Natalie and Jamie Chin


“Since the launch of Kronenbourg 1664, it has commanded a premium brand positioning that leverages on its quality and celebrates the authentic ‘Art of Pleasure’ with the liberty to savour it your own way. Tonight’s event has been specially crafted to make everyone’s Kronenbourg 1664 experience is one that is contemporary, charismatic and spontaneous,” commented Soren Raven, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Well I have to agree with Soren. I’m not a huge fashion fan but I certainly had fun and so did the girls.

More photos (and blog posts by the MHB girls) at

More info at

Photo credits: Kronenbourg 1664 Malaysia, and author’s own

Till the next Kronenbourg L’Aperitif Fashion


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