Define’s ‘Two Amazing Worlds. One Exclusive Party’


Headed over to the Lot 10 rooftop for the Define ‘Two Amazing Worlds. One Exclusive Party’ event on Thursday, 31 May 2012. The event was split into two (2) different rooms – Teeq and Rootz. Each room had a different concept and decor and since I didn’t have dinner I dragged everyone over to Teeq first as they were serving some delicious canapes.

The sexy Julie Woon was the MC in Teeq
Poova and her little jazz band provided the entertainment. She has a really powerful voice! Awesome choice!
Little blue shots were served through the ice-carving which served to chill it. I think it was blue Curacao and vodka with some fruit juice/ cordial.
MHB’s Sarah with a ‘white angel’ in Teeq, we later discovered that there were ‘dark angels’ in Rootz!
So after filling my stomach with some food (I really can’t drink on an empty stomach) we headed into Rootz. Lapsap was spinning while some dancers were in a cool translucent box
June and Ashley
MHB’s Julia back from Finland for a holiday with Louise
Jen and her friend
Jolene, Amanda, Ying, MHB’s Samantha and her friend

It was a pretty good multi-concept party and socialite Raj Aria even won himself an iPod Touch through the lucky draw!

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Facebook page –

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