Carlsberg Challenge Trophy Launch 210312


Headed down to the Selangor Turf Club on 21 March 2012 for the media launch of the Carlsberg Gold Challenge Series. This marks Carlsberg’s foray into the world of horse racing as the sport embodies the shared values of stature, traditional heritage and pedigree.

Carlsberg Gold, in collaboration with Selangor Turf Club (STC), will be sponsoring the “Carlsberg Gold” Challenge Series for three years. The series will see a total of RM375,000 being offered as prize money for three “Carlsberg Gold” Series legs to be held in 2012, starting with the first race on 1 April 2012 (no this is not an April Fool’s joke!) while subsequent races will take place on 25 August and 20 October 2012.

The winner will also walk away with the “Carlsberg Gold” Cup. An additional bonus of RM50,000 will be awarded to the horse accumulating the highest points after the conclusion of the third leg. Wonder what the horse will spend the money on…

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad who arrived on horseback, said, “Our entry into the Sports of Kings is the result of a new brand direction for ‘Carlsberg Gold’. Those who are passionate about horse racing will certainly find the same depth and richness in ‘Carlsberg Gold’. This premium beer has a fine lineage, having been inspired by an original European recipe from the 19th century. It is an exceptional beer for connoisseurs, for the crème de la crème in society – a reward for those who have made it in life.” He really knows how to make an entrance.
The Carlsberg Gold Cup
I didn't have breakfast that morning so I helped myself to the 3 types of malted/ roasted barley which goes into Carlsberg Gold. And in case you were wondering no I wasn't crazy enough to eat the hops.
As a further value-add for horse racing fans and beer consumers, an existing viewing deck at STC will also be renovated and refurbished, and once completed will be known as the “Carlsberg Gold” Deck. This Deck will be designed to offer comfort for horse racing enthusiasts and beer drinkers to enjoy the races while sipping on a cold, rich, smooth Carlsberg Gold.
A reminder not to drink and ride. You might fall off the horse...
This was my first time on horseback actually...quite an interesting experience.
Some eye-candy for you

My friend Kenhynn from BeerBeer.0rg has a writeup on Carlsberg Gold if you’re interested to know more –

More info on Carlsberg Gold at

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