Launch of Guinness St. Patrick’s Day Celebration 2012


Headed over earlier this evening for the media launch of the Guinness St. Patrick’s Day Celebration 2012 at Malones, Pavilion KL. This year will be my 2nd time joining in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Malaysia!

So here’s what you can expect for this year’s Guinness St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Malaysia.

Be prepared for an abundance of fun and laughter as GUINNESS® puts back the laughter into your lives with a whole month of St Patrick’s fun filled with good friends, good food and of course, ice-cold pints of GUINNESS® which is the official black brew for St Patrick’s worldwide.

Rooted in Irish tradition but celebrated worldwide, the St. Patrick’s Day festivity has grown to become of the biggest global celebrations and is celebrated in more than 30 cities in the United States, across Europe, all the way to the Far East, and of course in Malaysia. The month-long celebration will hit it climax on the 17th of March 2012 when Changkat Bukit Bintang is closed off to traffic for what is touted as the largest St Patrick’s celebrations in Asia.

GUINNESS® will hold 178 parties across the country in the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bharu, Melaka, Ipoh, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Miri. In total, over 2,000 GUINNESS® pubs and entertainment outlets nationwide will be participating in the grand celebrations and there will be limited edition shot glasses and t-shirt to be collected with every purchase of four (4) glasses of GUINNESS® Draught or a bucket of Foreign Extra Stout.

Expect lots of pretty Guinness girls at the parties!
MHB's Jane Schwan reliving her childhood with a balloon!
Go to the Guinness Facebook page and pledge to make this year's St. Patrick's Day celebration the friendliest one ever!
MHB's Jane and Valerie with ice-cold pints of Guinness draught!
Expect street-buskers, dancers, magicians, and loads of entertainment
Valerie discovered her hidden talent - spinning plates!
See you at Changkat Bukit Bintang on 16 and 17 March!


Here’s where you can catch the Guinness St. Patrick Day parties:


Klang Valley

Jarrod & Rawlins, Damansara Heights                       8th March 2012

Malones Irish Pub, KL Sentral                                     8th March 2012

Royal Oak, Solaris                                                       9th March 2012

Sid’s Pub, Damansara Heights                                    10th March 2012

Delaney’s, Bukit Bintang                                             15th March 2012

SOULed OUT, Sri Hartamas                                        15th March 2012

Bulldog, Sri Hartamas                                                 16th March 2012

Changkat Bukit Bintang Street Party

16th-17th March 2012

The Social, Bangsar                                                    22nd March 2012

Backyard Pub                                                              29th March 2012



The Patio, Genting                                                      15th March 2012



Golden Sands, Tanjung Bungah                                  9th March 2012

Upper Penang Road                                                    10th March 2012



La Primeur                                                                  23rd March 2012

Wall Street Restaurant & Bar                               23rd March 2012

After Five Bistro                                                          23rd March 2012

Steak House                                                                23rd March 2012


Barroom                                                                      24th March 2012

Houz Café                                                                    24th March 2012

Jiu Bar                                                                         24th March 2012

Lavish Pub                                                                   24th March 2012

Barbeza                                                                       24th March 2012

Eleven Beer Factory                                                    24th March 2012

Seven Chill Out                                                           24th March 2012

Baliz                                                                            24th March 2012


Exodus                                                                         31st March 2012

Eleven Bistro                                                               31st March 2012

Ringo Classic                                                               31st March 2012

Libar Restaurant & Cooking House                      31st March 2012



Hongkod Café                                                               16th March 2012

J&R                                                                              16th March 2012

Sullys Bar                                                                    16th March 2012

Shamrock Irish Bar                                                     17th March 2012

Cock & Bull Bistro                                                       17th March 2012

The Loft                                                                       17th March 2012

Hito Restaurant & Bar                                                 17th March 2012

Bar Tzar Bistro & Bar                                                 17th March 2012

Novus Karaoke                                                            17th March 2012



Kings Arms                                                                  10th March 2012

Terminal One Lounge                                                 10th March 2012

Grand Margherita Hotel                                             24th March 2012

Riverside Majestic Hotel                                            24th March 2012

Hilton Hotel                                                                 24th March 2012

Cherrie Berrie                                                             31st March 2012

Al Fresco Sidewalk Café & Bistro                           31st March 2012

Ming Café                                                                   31st March 2012

Soho Irish Bar                                                            31st March 2012

World Cup Station Café & Bar                              31st March 2012


More info at

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Facebook page –

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