Food Review – Savory Bistro

[Food Review]

Headed over to Savory Bistro in Mon’t Kiara for the rare daytime food review with Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers’ Melissa and Yuki. Savory Bistro is located in between 10 Mon’t Kiara and 11 Mon’t Kiara at a new tiny shopping podium called ‘The Fare’.

View from outside The Fare. That's Savory Bistro on the first floor
Once you're on the first floor just look our for the neon sign
MHB's Melissa and Yuki
Creamy Pumpkin Soup - RM13 - creamy soup with a seared scallop in the middle! Good start to the meal
Spaghetti Marinara - RM32 - seafood and pasta with a tomato based sauce with a twist - it's spicy! The girls and I agreed that this was unlike any we had before as the spicy chilli flavour made it even more appetizing. Just look at the amount of seafood in it!
Savory's Cheese Burger - RM28 - 200gm of juicy and tender beef patty topped with cheese! Ultimate man food!
Fillet Mignon - RM50 - a lovely cut of tenderloin cooked to perfection!
Cooked medium rare to preserve the tenderness and juicyness of the beef! (Never ever order anything above 'medium' or you'll end up with a slab of rubber)
Banana Split - RM13 - you can't go wrong with a classic banana split!
Tea - RM6.00 - The girls had tea to wash down their meal while we chatted about upcoming events and also the jealous losers who stalked us
Cappucino - RM8.00 - while I preferred coffee to end the delicious meal
The indoor seating area and the bar
The outdoor dining area which is well ventilated
FYI there's even Jazz Nights on Wednesdays if you're looking for somewhere to eat then chill

A truly satisfying meal with great company. Savory Bistro is a little gem of a restaurant located in upmarket Mon’t Kiara. This 60-seater restaurant even caters to private functions now and then.

Savory Bistro is located at:

The Fare, 10 Mont Kiara,

Jalan Kiara 1

Kuala Lumpur



Telephone: +60 3 6211 5100



More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Facebook page (click here).

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